All Hail the Vernal Equinox

Do the happy dance! Now we just need water in the hole. The work party last weekend was very productive. Turnout wasn’t huge, but the ones who did come out kicked some tail. Thanks to Alan, Denise, Ben, Tom, Claire, Kevin, Bill, Mark, Greg, Gary, Deborah, Lee and the officers for the elbow grease.

Denise and Alan Janes rake around this odd artifact from the concrete age.

Denise and Alan rake around this odd artifact from the concrete age while Ben reorganizes the shed.

Mark Saderholm works on the path while Rob Wyatt does a rain dance in the background.

Mark Saderholm smooths the path and Rob  does a rain dance in the background.Trees have been trimmed the path to the dock and the ramp cleared.

The committee boat has been stripped of the remaining rotten deck and will soon get a new one.

The RC boat is ready for some love.

The RC boat is ready for some love.

The galley received a coat of stain and the shed has been reorganized so you won’t be able to find anything. We will be having another work party on April 12th before the next meeting to finish up what couldn’t be done in a day by the few. Come on out and give us a hand!

In other news, Lee Huddleston was granted emeritus status and Herb Seiwert sold Gary Guss his Mutineer, so Guss is a real pirate now.


2014 Commodore’s Reception

Happy Winter Solstice! Fortunately, there aren’t too many icicles around here at the moment, but that’ll change. Tomorrow’s daylight will be a little longer and before we know it, we’ll be on the water again. That’s what I keep telling myself.

Meanwhile, as the hustle of the holidays keep me from thinking too hard on matters of wind and water, I know that as soon as the New Year arrives The Commodores Reception will shift my focus back where it belongs — on Boat Life (or life with a boat). Commodore Gary Reimer will be hosting the reception at his house on Sunday, January 5 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. If the weather is cooperative, there will be a fire — Sounds good! Check out the event on facebook for further details.

Make 2014 the year you remember for sailing!

2013 Yankee Doodle Regatta Results

Saturday was a beautiful day for racing and the results of the 2013 Yankee Doodle are in…

Congratulations to the following skippers:

1st- Kevin Klarer
2nd- Deborah Champion
3rd- Gary Reimer

1st- Bill Klarer
2nd- Barry Sanders
3rd- Dale Sturm

Thanks to Lee Huddleston and Frank Kersting for volunteering as the race committee.

This Saturday, Aug. 3rd, will be the make-up date for Blackbeard’s Cursed Infinity Regatta.  Hope to see you there!

July Meeting Minutes

The monthly meeting was held at the lake on July 12th at 1845 with Vice-Commodore Doug Roberts presiding in the absence of Commodore Reimer. The meeting started with a salute to past Commodores present.

The rain over the Independence Day weekend that proved to be a wash for racing provided a soggy opportunity to begin construction of our new outdoor cooking area. The plan which was conceived earlier in the year, was discussed, debated and nearly completed in about three days.

DIY specialists Doug Roberts and Deborah Champion design the work surface of the new cooking area on the fly!

DIY specialists Doug Roberts and Deborah Champion design the work surface of the new cooking area on the fly!

Purser Cannon gave the Treasurer’s report – The bills are paid. Cannon says that several of our members have not paid dues for at least one year. Delinquent notices will be sent shortly. Members not currently in good standing may see their boats moved to the upper lot to accommodate new members’ boats. Please pay your dues if you are in arrears.

We have a new member this month, Emil Dular, from the Elizabethtown area.  Welcome aboard Emil!

Harbormaster Miller reports that due to the recent heavy rainfall the lake level is up well over summer pool, and the number of boats that are being left on the docks are increasing the windage and leverage placed on the submerged anchors. Please be mindful of this situation.

Race Chair Rob Wyatt has rescheduled the Yankee Doodle for Saturday, July 27th and The Infinity for Saturday, August 3rd due to inclement weather on the original dates. The party that was originally planned after the Infinity will now be held on Saturday, August 17th following the Karl Millen Regatta. Another two part Sailing School session is also planned for August 10th and 17th and participants will be encouraged to take part in the regatta and festivities afterward.

Social Chair Rob Hatcher was noted as resigning his position. Commodore Reimer will pick up the slack in the meantime and is actively seeking a replacement.

Scribe Gary Guss started a new career in real estate earlier this year, and as such has seen very little spare time. Hence, he has passed the pen to Rob Hatcher.

Cooks are still needed for meetings for the remainder of the season. Contact Doug Roberts if you would like to volunteer for one of the meetings.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1905 and attendees were treated to some excellent shish-kabob grilled over an open fire by Peter Kafer. Thank you Peter!

Respectfully submitted,
Rob Hatcher, Scribe — Port Oliver Yacht Club

Huddleston Cup 2013 Results and Pictures

Congratulations to all who participated and many thanks to the Race Committee.


1. Carol Kersting
2. Lee Huddleston
3. Deborah Champion


1. Bill Klarer
2. Barry Sanders
3. Dale Sturm
4. Rob Hatcher
5. Connie Polk

All pictures are courtesy of Barry”Sunfish”Sanders


Bill Klarer 1st place Dinghies


Carol and Frank Kersting – 1st Place Cruisers


Lee Huddleston – 2nd place Cruisers


Barry Sanders 2nd Place Dinghies


Dale Sturm and Crew 3rd Place Dinghies


Max Vinsons boat

062 061 060 059 058 057 056 055 054 053 052

May Meeting Minutes

POYC May 2013 Meeting Minutes

imagesDespite the normal 2013 weekend monsoon, we had a nice showing for our May meeting, there were also new possible members present, Rob Wyatt fed our fat with delicious dead chicken and Johnny cakes, Thanks Rob. Also thanks everyone for the sides.

Commodore Reimer opened up the meeting with an acknowledgment of past commodores who were present.

Our Purser Alan Canon gave a positive financial report for the club. All bills are paid and up to date, we only have one more payment left on our blacktop next year.

Race Chair Rob Wyatt gave a nice presentation on ways we might increase interest and membership by focusing on our sailing school, such as flyers that could be place in community centers or bike shops, and other public places. We are open to any and all suggestions please post on our websites or contact Rob with any more ideas.

Upcoming events: Sail Schools, all summer long

Race committee training 5/18

Huddleston cup 5-25 and 5-26

Jolly Roger 6-8

Summer Sailstice 6/22

Friends of the Barren family picnic 5/18 5:30pm Port Oliver Park (bounce houses, cookout, fun stuff) we encourage POYC members to support this; lots of possible sailors will be there!

From our Social Chair Rob Hatcher: There will be a Celebration of life for our dear friend Max Vinson it will be on 5/19 from 2-5 pm, Rob is accepting donations for this, please contact Rob for more details.

Harbor Master Bill Miller, planted nice flowers for the commissioning of the fleet for May the 11th. Also we still have some outdoor maint/cleanup projects to work on, Bill will keep us posted.

If anyone would like to be the chef for our June 14th meeting please contact Rob Hatcher ,Note: (Beer is force fed to all cooks, while they work)

Lots of good things to look forward to this season, have fun

Much thanks to Alan Janes for taking these minutes !


RIP: Lex O’ Brien


Les O’Brien (back row second from the left)

Another sad note. Les (also Lex) O’Brien died recently. I am not sure I am correct about this but I believe that he was an original founder of the Port Oliver Yacht Club. He loved it and had many wonderful stories about it. I am Wini Schaeffer who was his life companion for almost 17 years. What a wonderful person, Les was. He died from an injury to his head from a fall while doing his every other day run. He liked reading The Telltale. But, I guess now you can retire his name from the list.