Commodore’s Corner – February 2010

Ah yes although its plenty cold outside the days are indeed getting longer and the season is almost upon us. Things are shaping up nicely for the 2010 campaign and I’m here to provide the details. First things first – the schedule of events as slated; notice the date for the Blessing of the Fleet has changed thanks to Capt. Connie Polk reminding me that I had it slated for Derby Day! Here we go:


  • 12 – POYC Meeting at the lake. Potluck at 6 pm/Meeting at 7. Come on out and bring a side, I’ve put in the word for good weather.
  • 20 – POYC Spring Work Party – 10 am – Hardmaster Reimer has an aggressive agenda for us to accomplish so all hands on deck!


  • 9 – POYC Meeting at the lake as above.
  • 22 – Sailing School – Classroom location to be announced. Capt. Lee Huddleston in charge.
  • 24 – Sailing School on the water – Captains and boats needed to take students out.
  • 29 – Sailing School – Classroom Session.


  • 1 – Sailing School on the water – again Boats needed.
  • 6 – Sailing School – Classroom Session.
  • 8 – Sailing School on the water.
  • 13 – Sailing School – Last Classroom Session.
  • 14 – POYC Meeting at the lake as above.
  • 15 – Blessing of the Fleet / Final Sailing School on the water.
  • 29 – Huddleston Cup Spring Regatta – Skippers Mtg. 10 am. 29/30th. Sponsored by Commodore Miller.


  • 11 – POYC Meeting at the lake as above.
  • 19 – Roberts Long Distance Race – Details forthcoming on this first ever event.


  • 4 – Yankee Doodle Regatta. Sponsored by the venerable Capt. Herb Siewert.
  • 9 – POYC Meeting at the lake.


  • 7 – Karl Millen Regatta.
  • 13 – POYC Meeting at the lake.


  • 4 – Dixie Cup Regatta – Sponsors Barry Sanders and Rob Wyatt. OREC present from WKU.
  • 10 – POYC meeting at the lake.


  • 2 – Great Minnow Regatta – note this is a ONE day event this year.
  • 8 – POYC Meeting at the lake.


  • 12 – POYC Meeting at the lake – the last hurrah!


  • 11 – POYC Christmas Party.

Setting the schedule was not the only order of business at the Executive Board meeting in February. Pursuant to an ongoing discussion relating to raising dues, the  board revisited this subject. Purser Sanders had prepared a long list of yearly expenses; all of which have risen over the last three years. Did you know that over the last three years racing expenses have been $15,593 while bringing in $8,872? We did have the lowest expenses in ‘09 but were still in the hole. Corps charges rise each time we renew as does utilities/repairs and upkeep. This is all old news and without explaining further I am pleased to announce that dues are to be raised $25 in 2011 and another $25 in 2012 for both Associate as well as Sustaining members.

Those of you who are reading and objecting please remember that keeping the POYC up and running is a break even situation each year. To keep up with rising costs, much less plan any improvements, requires a dues increase. The club is a fantastic bargain even if dues were raised $100 (which I would be in favor of) just checkout the dues at any other yacht club in the country. I am also pleased to announce that revenue raised from this increase will be placed in a Contingency/Capital Improvement Fund. So that’s where the dues increase will be placed; a good idea I think as there are needed improvements looming on the horizon. (Witness termite eaten poles and a scabbed on roof at the pavilion.)

After discussing the debt incurred by racing we also decided to have one tee shirt with all races listed on the back this year. This would help control one aspect of the cost of racing. I am responsible for the Huddleston Regatta and plan to cook myself for Saturday night’s party as another means of controlling race costs. All suggestions are welcome regarding cost control and believe me BYOB is one item up for discussion. Come on out to the March meeting and put your two cents in. In other news, whether we will be hosting the 2010 Bluegrass Games is still up in the air and we await a decision. Race Chair Doug Roberts announced a new Long Distance Race as well as his belief that one day events are better attended than two day regattas. Thus the Great Minnow is now slated for Saturday only racing this year. In closing, I can barely wait to cast off and get the sailing season started. Much progress was made at our Executive Board Meeting and I hope no one is put off by the dues   increase. It was the only realistic solution to keeping the POYC moving forward and this increase is paltry in the face of the fun we have sailing at a club we all love. Hope to see you at the March meeting on Friday the 12th.

Over and out!

Commodore Bill Miller

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