Commodore’s Corner – May 2010 – Spring Sermon

Greetings and salutations to the mates of the POYC. Spring sailing has arrived and it is once again time for the yearly reminders as to what makes the club run smoothly. I first received this list during the reign of the venerable, and now Emeritus, Commodore Bill Hatter; and have since added a few more. Remember – your momma doesn’t live here so…

  1. If you mess it up – clean it up.
  2. If you use it up – replace it. You will be reimbursed.
  3. All members with boats in the yard are expected to mow the areas around their boats and keep them ship shape.
  4. NEVER block another mates boat trailer!
  5. If you appear to be the last one on the property please be sure to lock the heads and shed as well as turn off any lights.
  6. NEVER leave your boat unattended on the inside of the first dock. This side is for launching/retrieval only.
  7. When leaving your boat on the dock ALWAYS springline your boat; please do not broadside.
  8. ALWAYS place an adequate fender on the dock at the bow of your boat. We have just retired the debt on the dock and want them to last as long as possible. Boats abrading the plastic are a serious issue where the docks are concerned. It is the responsibility of the captain to check on his/her boat frequently to insure proper dockage.
  9. POYC Regattas require room on the dock. If you are not racing PLEASE remove your boat from the dock prior to the race.

Which brings me to the last situation of boats left on the dock, sometimes unsailed, for weeks. Older members will remember the standing Corps of Engineers rule that we were only allowed to keep boats on the dock overnite from Friday to Sunday. They have cut us some slack the last few years but we have certainly pushed it. Last year we adopted a gentleman’s agreement of first on – first off. It is not fair to your mates to continually occupy a slot on the dock and make it unable for another to pick up a spot. The dock is not a storage facility therefore if you are not sailing and the dock is full – Please get your boat off the dock!
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
I would also like to take this opportunity to remind all mates of some upcoming events. May 14th will find us at our monthly meeting with the potluck at 6PM (Bring a side dish/dessert) and meeting at 7PM.
The Blessing of the Fleet will follow on Saturday May 15th at 11am; also a sailing day for sailing school. For those who have not attended in past years the Blessing is an annual event in which we ask for divine guidance to insure the safety of all sailors. We will wrap up May by kicking off the racing season with the Huddleston Cup Regatta on the 29th and 30th. So as you may surmise the action is cranking up at the POYC.
I hope to see more sailors on the water this season, so get these dates down on the calendar and make plans to join your mates. See you on the water!


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