Caillouet’s in the BVI for Christmas


Willie’s in the BVI

[Larry and Diana Caillouet have spent three Christmas Eves in the British Virgin Islands. The Bight is a large and popular harbor on Norman Island in BVI. Willie’s refers to the Willie T, a floating bar that looks like a pirate ship. It is anchored in the Bight.]



‘Twas the night before Christmas, O holy night!
Diana and Larry had returned to the Bight.
It was here in ‘96 and again in ‘07
that tropical paradise co-mingled with heaven.

God’s gifts were abundant: sand, sea and wind,
but the greatest gift that he could send
was the gift of a baby, one of great favor,
humbly born, the glorious savior.

He had no harbor, no room at the inn,
a stable his birthplace, wise men his friends.
A needy world waiting, enslaved to sin,
the battle with Satan was his to win.

Full moon on the Bight, spirits are high,
anchor lights looking like stars in the sky,

Music at Willie’s filling the bay,
Sailors celebrating the coming Day
when Santa sails in with his water-sleigh

He will bring gifts for the good little girls and boys,
candy and games and all kinds of toys,

But none can compare to forgiveness of sin
when angels sang “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.”

Joy to the world–the Lord has come!

Sailing in the BVI

Sailing in the BVI

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