Trashmasters / Infinity Regatta Recap!

Trashmasters Volunteers on the Committee Boat

Thanks Kevin and Joe for coming down this year and helping out! We took out 20 volunteers and collected about 22 bags of garbage several tires and a refrigerator.

Joe Brownfield on Mason’s Island hunting for junk.

Then we held the Infinity race in the afternoon and had 8 boats turn out.

Wind was good initially and died out during the 3rd race…

Cruiser 1st Klarer 2nd Monroe 3rd Kersting
Dinghy 1st Sturm 2nd Hatcher 3rd Brownfield

Thanks Lee and Amy for running the race!

The Great Minnow is the next race in October.

By Rob Hatcher

July 2019 Meeting Notes


  • Hail to past commodores present – Hatcher, Reimer, and Huddleston!
  • Tom Cripps fixed the water faucet, wouldn’t turn off – Water is on again, thanks Tom!
  • Gary Reimer will contact Allen county to see if we can get the road in paved or graveled etc.
  • We bought a new Reefer! Old one had broken freezer door.
  • We just bought a new lawnmower for club use
  • Had 9 boats in last Regatta – good turnout – keep it up
  • Larry Caillouet volunteered to make a shareable contact list of club members, he has the spreadsheet. Will poll to see members who want to opt out f it. We will post in private area of website or maybe email to members. This would be useful if needing crew or just to contact other members.
  • Discussed trying to address high water issues and the dock system, we have limited options to utilize dock in high water
  • Will poll members to see if monthly meetings would be better if on Saturday instead of Friday’s – I’ll send email out for this, please respond yea or nay
  • Potential raftup in works for next full moon weekend – Rob H is working on this and more later.
  • Will add a race for August 17th Saturday – Rob H. will get details
  • Alan Cannon has swanky new Tesla – no word on when hitch will be installed and towing capacity. Maybe will come to the dock when called and line up to recapture boat?