Crew Page

Need Crew – Send me your name and email and needs

Railmeat and Ballast – Send me your name, email and experience and availability

I’ll post them here – Gary Guss – Scribe

Crew Available

Sailed with Barry Sanders in the Huddleston Cup .  Mark is looking for experience with cruisers


Hi All,
I used to be a club member about 10 years ago and have moved back to the Bowling Green area. I took classes with POYC way back, and also at Land Between the Lakes. If you need crew, I’d love to be it:)
Sheri Moore


Hi All, I’m new to BG area. I’ve sailed off and on for 10 years, Attended J World Racing School, taken a few lessons at Percy Priest Yacht Club. Need some time on the water. If anybody needs crew and has patience I’m anxious to learn. Thanks!

Robin Foster

Needs Crew

Barry Sanders needs Crew for the Monoceros –
I will need crew for the Night Race (6/16), Glow Regatta (6/23), Night
Race (7/28), Night Race (9/15).

2 thoughts on “Crew Page

  1. Hi All, I was in the sailing club at WKU and on the sailing team at Auburn University. Moved back to Ky and would love to get back into sailing and help crew. Thanks!

    • Nancy, a good way is to show up for a Regatta on a Saturday and either ask to crew or go out and help on the Committee boat, you’ll meet some members and its a good way to get started..We have the Jolly Roger this weekend and our Racing chair is looking for people to help out .. Gary Guss – Scribe

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