July Meeting Minutes

The dock has been re-attached to the arms and the water is finally back down to almost summer pool, the lake is looking better every day and we will have a full schedule of racing coming up in the next few months.
The Huddleston cup will be held on July 24th and 25th this year. Bill Miller and Jeff Mitchell will be cooking roast pork butt. Commodore Miller will be handling the Committee boat duties, but could use another person to help with timing and flags. All mates are encouraged to come out and race.
Purser Sanders stated there are 15 people in arrears, which is a total of $2700 in fees owed the club. Barry will be sending out reminders and please pay your dues in a timely manner.
Barry is asking for permission to commission one more Sunfish for the club, he believes this can be done for a minimum amount of expense and will get used in the upcoming races.
We also need someone to step up and take some ownership to get the Coronado 15 that the club owns ready for the water, it needs some work on the mast stand and also some TLC. If you have an interest in this please contact Bill Miller or Barry Sanders.
We had an extremely high electric bill last month which we believe was mostly caused by the hot water heater leaking and running continuously . The water heater has been replaced thanks to Gary Reimer and Troy Monroe, and we now have plenty of hot water. In other electrical news, Debbie Champion mentioned that the lights are out on some of the poles and we will try to get these fixed for better security and improved visibility.
Commodore Miller stated that he has come to the club on several occasions and seen the fans and lights running with no one else present. Please remember to turn off all the lights and close and lock the shed and head if you are the last one to leave.  Do not the lock the gate to the premises. As per the Corp. of Engineer rules, it must be left open as we are considered a public ramp.
The Committee boat broke a steering cable before the Yankee Doodle and we had to steer it by hand, a new cable has been purchased  for $270 and  thanks to Max Vinson it has been hauled out so it can be repaired and used for the Huddleston Cup and the rest of the racing season.
Rob Wyatt is willing to teach another Sailing School in August or September, we are looking for a marketing type person to help publicize this effort and out reach. Contact Rob if you can help..
We now have a new giant first aid kit living in the shed which was donated by an anonymous benefactor.
Debbie Champion has posted a large weatherproof list in the pavilion so people can sign up to cook for regatta’s and meetings, we also need people to sign up for some of the regatta breakfasts. You will be re-imbursed for any expense.

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