September Meeting Highlights

The meeting was Friday September 10th.
Bill is back ! Our Commodore returned this month and ran the monthly meeting. While he is still a little worse for wear, he is mending pretty well, although sadly he won’t be able to play the violin again. Welcome back Bill ! Thanks to Klarers for providing us with some tasty chili to eat.

The Commodore has mentioned that all mates need to be careful when docking, be sure and use an adequate size of fender against the dock and consider tying it to the dock instead of the boat so the bow won’t grind on the dock, we have a lot of boat traffic past the front of the cove which will make the boats bob up and down. This isn’t good for the boats or the dock.

Purser Sanders gave the Treasury report, the Jolly Roger Regatta made money and the awesome dinner ( low country boil ) was exceptional. The Dixie cup was okay and thanks to an anonymous benefactor did well. Thanks to Rob Wyatt for the T-shirts.

Our next club meeting will be on October 8th and we will have a Chili Cook-off and Barry Wings.
In other food news, the Reimers will host the Breakfast for the Great Minnow and Barry Sanders and Kevin Klarer will cook the dinner which will be burgers and brats, we will be having a potluck for the side dishes, so please bring a side or desert if you are planning to eat.

Please remember the Trashmaster’s Classic which is this week September 18th and we will start promptly at the dock at 7:00-7:15 am. Please wear your club colors when you come out, we will be using the Committee boat and maybe Herb’s pontoon for this. Gary Reimer is coordinating this event.

A nominating committee for the 2011 season is forming now and will be made up of past commodores; if anyone else wishes to serve, please contact an officer. We plan on offering a slate at the November meeting which will be held at Gander Mountains meeting room in Bowling Green.

We had some discussion of the club making a float for the BG. Christmas parade. Herb has an interest but the club didn’t show a lot of interest in putting an entry together for this.

The Christmas party will be December 11th, details will be coming later.
The meeting adjourned at 6:53pm

Gary Guss – Scribe

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