March Meeting Highlights

The meeting was held at the lake on March 9th at 6pm. Commodore Deborah Champion presiding.

The meeting started with a salute to past Commodores.

The Community Ed people want us to add a day to the teaching schedule for Sailing School and we will add April 21st. Lee, Max and Bill Miller will be instructing. Remember we need boats to take the students sailing after the land portions of the class. Please see the calender page for these dates.
Contact Max Vinson to volunteer.

We have two work parties scheduled, the first on March 31st is for general cleanup and the second on April 14th will be a catch up day.

May 12th will be the Commissioning of the Fleet this year and Commodore Champion is still planning this event.

Purser Cannon gave the Treasurer’s report – We have $1500 accrued for our Core fees of about $6500 for 5 years. The Corp fees change depending on many factors, we may get some of this waived for our charitable work on the Trashmasters which will help the budget. Purser Cannon reported that 90 people have been billed for dues and that 16 people are past due for at least one year. 41 people have paid thus far for 2012. Please Pay Your Dues if you are in Arrears.

Purser Cannon has looked at the last 5 years and he estimates we have run at a loss of about $1800 during this time.
We have a balance of $9400 at present and the bills are paid.

We have a new member Mr. Keith Sparks, who has a Catalina Capri docked at the Peninsula. Please welcome and introduce yourself to him as he gets involved.

Racing … We will have lots of small races scheduled for the club this season. This is to increase interest in racing and many of these are “Fun” races. Please take advantage of these this year and give it a try.

Meeting Meals – We need Cooks for these throughout the season – Contact Rob Hatcher to volunteer to cook for these. Bill and Deborah Champion are cooking for April. We will have some small amounts of beer and wine for these, but please bring some if you are going to drink a bunch.

Vice Commodore Vinson reported on his attendance at the Friends of Barren River Board meeting. The Friends do a lot of good at the lake and provide the Fireworks at 4th of July and Sponsor and co-ordinate the Trashmasters Classic among many other things. Gary Reimer is the current President of this organization. As our fates are closely linked, Vice Commodore Vinson proposed that we purchase a $150 year corporate membership and that the Vice Commodore sits on the board of Directors for the Friends of Barren River. The motion was made by Lee Huddleston and seconded by Gary Guss that we allocate $150 for this purpose, the motion carried. All members are encouraged to join this organization Individual memberships are $10/ year and Lifetime memberships are $50, said memberships can be taken off income taxes as they are a 501(c)3 organization.

Commodore Champion proposed that each monthly meeting this year include a “Share and Learn” Session for the good of the members. Lee Huddleston will conduct the first one of these on “Trailering Safety” for April. Please volunteer to host one of these and share your skills.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.

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