September Meeting – Highlights

The meeting came to order as usual with a salute to past Commodores… Sanders, Roberts, and Miller.

Purser’s report:

Alan Cannon reports that the insurance bill has been paid for the next 6 months.  Alan is currently seeking new quotes for insurance, but the current policy looks competitive. Alan stated that we have 22 members delinquent and that after calling them all,  found 6 people who stated that they are no longer members.

We would like to welcome Jay and Nan Mortenson, they have a Westwight Potter 19 and Jay makes a mean chocolate biscuit cake ! See the other post for the recipe for this stuff.

The Commodore has stated that all should bring their wives or significant others to the October Meeting. This will be October 12th.

Vice Commodore Vinson related the running of the Dixie Cup race by Rob Wyatt. Rob ran it as a windward/leeward race which worked well and allowed for many races. Rob also gave away some of the old leftover trophies as well as flags for this event which all hands really liked. Good Job Rob !

Our last regatta of the year will be the Great Minnow which will be a two day regatta on Saturday and Sunday September 29th and 30th. Barry Sanders will be cooking his wings for the event.

The Corp has said they will not drop water in the lake until October 15th, which will give us a few weeks more of sailing in October.

Hardmaster Report:

Hardmaster Miller was dis-heartened to report that when he tried to mow the yard and under his boat, he found the mower and gas can empty – IF THE CAN IS EMPTY FILL IT AND YOU WILL BE REIMBURSED . – THIS MEANS YOU !

Our Fall Work Party will be held on Saturday November 10th, please attend and bring implements to weed whack, rake, leaf blow etc. I’ll post more about this as I get more details.

Max Vinson has purchased the donated Glassline 22 for $900, said monies to be used to buy a replacement Defibrillator for the club. Those of us who probably would be subjected to jumper cables or line voltage as a heart stimulant thank you.

We discussed the upcoming Trashmaster and pictures of this are up on the website ( thanks Kim Hawkins).

Our Christmas party this year will be on December 8th at Mt. Victor Warehouse which is at Lovers Lane and Old Cemetery road. Details are still nascent at this time, the club will foot the bill to rent the space and members will order off of a catering menu to be determined. Rob Hatcher Social Chair is working out this event.

Rob Hatcher suggested the club consider having a Sunfish Camp to run one or two weeks in the Summer. This would be a way to get children interested in sailing and also perhaps increase membership in the club. River City Community Sailing in Louisville does this on the Ohio river, see the link for their program.

RCCSP Youth Camp

Finally Doug Roberts gave an excellent explanation of “refinishing your bottom”, which is how he is finishing his Catalina 25 after finding blisters and leaks from a previous owners repair. He also explained how he raised his boat off the trailer and noted that the club has 6 jack-stands available to members (back of the shed).

Finally: Please remember to keep locking the gate behind you both if you are leaving for the day or going to be out on the lake for awhile. Our problems with vandalism have diminished and we want to keep it that way.

The meeting adjourned around 7:45 pm.

Fair Winds – Gary Guss Scribe

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