Decorate the POYC Float – November 30th

Our next club event will be to host a float for the Bowling Green Christmas parade. We will use one of the clubs Sunfish for this and Herb has graciously agreed to tow the float again with his Model A. Thanks Herb! Decoration of the float will be held at Herb Siewert’s house on November 30th at 6:30 pm. 2011 Barberry Ct. Bowling Green
Phone 270-843-1210. Please bring snacks and grog.

Will also need volunteers to hand out candy during the parade on Saturday. On Saturday:  Our parade position is #65 and we are slated to line up at the corner of College and Main St. Herb is pulling a sunfish with his antique car. There is room if anyone wants to ride along. The Parade starts at 9:30 am, if you want to be on the float please get there before then.

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