January Meeting Highlights

The officers met on January 10th to consider the 2013 schedule, I have posted a tentative schedule on this page as 2013 Calendar above.

We are trying to increase membership this year and we want to beef up our Sailing school and  have a Free Sailing Clinic. We also want to have a youth camp or two this year to teach youngsters how to sail using our Sunfish fleet. We feel this would be a good way to engage area youth to promote sailing as a sport. If anyone has a desire to help with this, please contact Rob Hatcher.  This will be a fun thing for club members children and grandchildren to participate in, we will offer this to children 10 years old and up.

We are planning to have some Pirate themed events this year and these are still in the early planning stages. If you have any ideas please contact Commodore Reimer .. Arrgh !

Purser Cannon reports that we are in better financial shape this year than last. We are in the process of replacing our AED at the club. We may also be able to swing a few smaller capital projects this year and no more Fluorescent Hot Dogs ! Yay !

We have a full racing schedule and we plan to promote our Regattas to nearby clubs to increase competition, although old timers on Barren have an edge because they know where to find the wind ( We’re talking about you Klarer ) !

As always, we are looking for cooks for the monthly meetings, starting with the March meeting, please contact Rob Hatcher to volunteer. His email is listed under “Club Officers” just click on it to send him an email.

We hope 2013 will be a great year for racing and all please try to get out and enjoy your club this year.


GG. Scribe




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