March Work Party – March 14th at 10am


Yardmaster Steve Stahl supervises Yard Cleanup efforts, while Captain Rob Hatcher looks on. Anne Lawson and Greg Glass swab the decks.

Our Spring Work Party will be held March 14th Saturday, starting at 10AM. The list s long and we need many hands. Bring your regular garden cleanup tools, rakes, clippers etc. Lunch will be provided by the club.

Here’s a list of what we need to do and also a list of proposed capital improvements we have on the table:

ITEM POYC SPRING 2015 Work Party Action Items
1 Remove Junk from Yard and take to Dump  
2 Secure Water Line to Kitchen Sink to Side of Deck  
3 Remove Optimist Prams  
4 Reseal Picnic Tables  
5 Work on Yard Lights  
6 Re-arrange boats in Yards  
7 Clean Fire Pit Area  
8 Switch Hobie Trailers  
9 Straighten Out Gate  
10 Trim Pine Tree by Garbage Cans  
11 Remove Stump by Sunfish  
12 Fix Park Benches  
13 Catalog Boats in Yard  
14 Clean and Install Dock Ladders  
15 Clean Committee Boat hulls  
16 Move Blackhawk to upper lot  
17 Paint Dock Stand-off Arms  
18 Mow and Trim around Boats  
19 Clean Head  
20 Drink Beer  
  Capital Projects Follow-up
1 Inspect / Fix / Replace Committee Boat Motor Doug Roberts / Others
2 Obtain and Purchase a Chase Boat Board – Gary Reimer
3 Replace Garbage Enclosure Board
4 Reroof Shed and Head with Metal Roof Board – Gary Reimer
5 Obtain Boat Hoist and Install on Pad Gary Reimer
6 Rebuild Steps to Upper Lot Board and YM
7 Replace Grill Alan Cannon
8 Build Sunfish Roof and Racks Need a plan for this
9 Cut Down Tree behind Head – Need Equipment for this Board – maybe Rob H or Hire Out
10 Re Gravel Yard Yardmaster to Hire Out

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