POYC – Summer Sailing Class

Here’s a Picture of our booth at the Summer Activities Fair; thanks to Rob, Holly and Gwen Hatcher for organizing and manning this along with Devin Mitchell and Bill Miller.


Rob and Gwen Hatcher manning the booth


Rob Hatcher said “The booth at the Summer Activities Fair yesterday at Bowling Green High School. Had a rigged sunfish outside the front door of the gym. (Wish I had a pic of that…) Lots of attention and prospects. Thanks Bill Miller and Devin Mitchell for the help!”

Holly Hatcher related “I manned the table, too, and we had a lot of people stop and ask questions. We gave out about 40+ flyers. And Gwen made sure kids got dum-dums from the candy jar! Several inquiries were made about the club itself, and we had many chances to promote the adult sailing class, too. I think having the sunfish parked out front was a big hit. Was fun to do!”

Rob said “This type of exposure is bound to be effective. Even if kids don’t sign up for the camp, it lets families know that we are here and what we are about. Getting over the “yacht” hurdle still seems to be one of the bigger challenges, lol.”

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