Help – If you can!

Here’s a message from our old mate Connie Polk, Connie is living in Savannah and is working to place foreign exchange students in placements all over the US. The following is her letter to me. If you know of a placement please contact her directly:
We have a German boy living in Adair County right now in a temporary placement. He is bored to tears, a very active young man living in the middle of nowhere. The family only agreed to be a temporary home for 8 weeks, and we are now 1/2 way through that. I think he would do great in Bowling Green, if I can find a family and a school to place him in. Do you think you could send out an email to all POYC members about this? Glasgow would be ok, too, just somewhere where he can be more involved in the community. Right now he’s an hour away from anything. If you say it’s ok., I’ll write it up and send it to you. I’ll probably also post on the FB page, but I think an email will reach more people. I placed 3 of my kids here through my 2 sailing clubs! One is going to be sailing in a regatta at the USCG Academy next month!!!
Connie Polk
Local Coordinator/OPSM
Savannah, GA
502-387-8672 (cell)

F.L.A.G. Intl. Office: 269.459.8883 / Fax: 269.459.8887
950 Trade Centre Way, Suite 303 Portage, MI 49002


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