POYC 50th Gala Call for Volunteers!


Fellow POYC mates,

Our “POYC First Fifty Years” celebration for the club is set for Saturday, October 8, and is part of the Great Minnow Race weekend activities. The board voted to have this celebration at our pavilion on the ‘beautiful Barren’ to celebrate the reason why we even exist: the lake and sailing!  Plan to join us for dinner, toasting, and dancing under the stars, and most importantly, fellowship.

The Kerstings have agreed to organize this event.  They will need, however, your help to make this event a success.  They are requesting volunteers to help on a ‘POYC First Fifty’ committee.  The committee members will help with the event, primarily set-up, serving and clean up.  For newer members, this is an excellent opportunity to become involved in your club.  Please call Carol or Frank at 270-996-8317.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone at the POYC yard on Oct. 8.  To help with this event, give Carol or Frank a call: 270-996-8317.

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