Sat. Nov. 12th Fall Workparty & Chili Cookoff – 10am

Don’t Forget! Fall Workparty & Chili Cookoff is this Weekend Saturday November 12th, at 10AM.

Bring Some Chili and Get a Fabulous First Prize Trophy!!!

Yardmaster says:
Work party list for Saturday 11/12/2016.

  1. Donuts and coffee.
  2. Remove catamaran from dock and store in upper yard.
  3. Police debris from around dock.
  4. Carry dock ladders to wash table and pressure wash.
  5. Wash committee boat motor and cover for winter.
  6. Move old spare tires to other side of yard.
  7. Clean trim around boatyard.
  8. Remove debris from upper yard and trim around boats.
  9. Eat chili and have some Pepsies

Bring Some Garden Implements – Rakes, Blowers – Whatever

The water will be cut off, the water lines will be winterized and the bathhouse will be closed for the winter.


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