Pirates Plunder Recap

Pirates Plunder results are below. Many thanks to the pirates for coming out for the last race of the season. There was plenty of wind and more shallow spots than usual as several can testify. The technical aspects of scoring the race may be a bone of contention, but I want to remind that the first challenge of this race is using the RaceQs GPS application. The second is going out and sailing the course. And of course having a good time!
The course wound up being about 20 miles with all tacks considered. It was really fun to watch the replays and see the tactical decisions/ indecisions that went into play Saturday. Hopefully the prizes will surface, if not we will refund your money!
I’m off to the dentist finally!
Peace out~ Rob


Pirates on the Prowl - Pic by Troy M.

Pirates on the Prowl – Pic by Troy M.

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