November Monthly Meeting Recap

The meeting was held after the Fall Workparty. on Saturday November 11th. We started with a salute to past Commodores – Lee Huddleston, Rob Hatcher, Gary Reimer, and Deborah Champion.

Gary Reimer –  Purser Report: Purser reported that the Dues for 2018 ( $300 per member / $50 for extra boat, would be due and payable starting January 1st. A late fee will accrue after February 1st. This is a change from our usual dues procedure and will help us have funds prior to the start of the season. We will contact members via email instead of sending out mailers which have become expensive in recent years. The club is in decent financial shape with about $9000 in funds after paying our Corps dues and Gary will start putting some money back into a capital expense account to cover the eventual replacement of the Pavilion and improvements thereof.

The Christmas Party – This year the party will be held on December 9th from 6-10pm at Christ Episcopal Church on State Street in Bowling Green. The Fee will be $10 member. This year the club will provide Beer and Wine and we would like the members to bring a potluck dish  (heavy hordeuvre’s) If each couple/ or member could prepare enough to serve 10 people, we should have sufficient food for all. Please RSVP on our Facebook page or contact Leah McMurtrey to let us know what you are bringing. Lets try for variety! so we don’t all bring the same items.

2018 Slate of Officers – We presented and voted on the following candidates for 2018
Commodore – Bill Miller
Vice Commodore – Troy Monroe
Scribe – Gary Guss
Purser – Gary Reimer
Hardmaster – Tom Cripps
Social – Leah McMurtrey ( and helpers)
Race Chairman — Rob Hatcher

Other Business –

We briefly discussed hiring someone to mow the yard next year. As always, each member is responsible for mowing under their boat and are encouraged to help out their neighbor as well. Bob Zoellner lives nearby and has the equipment to do this as well.

Bob Zoellner

We would like to welcome Jack Blanton to the Club, Jack has purchased Troy’s boat Watercolors – Please introduce yourselves to Jack and make him welcome.

Please welcome New Member Jack Blanton

The winner of the Chili cookoff this year was Troy Monroe, who took the valuable trophy home after extremely arbitrary judging by the Scribe. Thanks to all who brought chili and fixings and also thanks for helping out at the work party.

Troy and Dexter take the prize

2017 Chili Trophy




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