The Rules

As we begin another season it’s a good idea to reiterate the rules of the club, so all can follow them. These are also listed above in case you ever need to refer to them again.

The Rules We Live By

1. Never park in a manner that blocks access to another boat
2. Members are responsible for mowing the area under and around their boat.
3. If you use something up , replace it and save the receipt for re- imbursement.
4. The last member leaving the property is responsible for turning off the
lights, locking the head and locking the gate to the yard.
5. Members are expected to help out for the spring and fall work parties
6. Report criminal activity to the ALLEN COUNTY SHERIFF at 270-237-3210
and call an officer of the Club.
7. Parking on the ramp is a Federal Crime and against club rules.
8. NO BOAT is to be left on the inside of the first dock, as that area is
reserved for launching and retreival of boats.
9. All boats docked are to be by spring line only. Do not broadside
10. Dock space is available on a first on / first off basis with occupancy
limited to THREE weeks, after which the boat MUST be removed for ONE
week across ONE weekend.
11. Dock space is limited to ONE BOAT per membership, unless launching a
second boat to be raced in a regatta.”
12. All  boats on docks are required to have a fender of Sufficient size to
insure there is no damage to the dock.
13. Boats not participating in regattas, should be removed from the dock to
allow racers access to the dock.
14. If you mess it up, clean it up .. your mama doesn’t live here.
15. Camping at the club and living aboard. We will allow this for up to 2
weeks at a time, after the 2 week interval, expect a week interval to pass
prior to camping again. For additional weeks, prior application will need
to made to the board and a fee of $25 week will be charged to defray
expense for water, electricity and other expenses.

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