Huddleston Recap!

Thanks to all that came out!

Dinghy – 1.) Larry Caillouet 2.) Joe Brownfield 3.)  Lou Troost /Cave Run Sailing 4.) Der Sturminator

Cruisers – 1.) Troy Monroe 2.) Klarers 3.) Kerstings 4.) Tom Cripps 5.) Leah McMurtrey

Only 3 races on Saturday before weather forced the racers from the lake. Sunday was totally flat water, so went swimming instead.  Good start to the season and thanks to Lou Troost for coming out from Cave Run ( you too Dale)..


2018 Huddleston Winners!


Troy gets the Cup, Lee does some kind of Egyptian move ..


2018 Huddleston – The Fabulous Janes and Bashfull Bob Zoellner on the Accordion.

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