July 2019 Meeting Notes


  • Hail to past commodores present – Hatcher, Reimer, and Huddleston!
  • Tom Cripps fixed the water faucet, wouldn’t turn off – Water is on again, thanks Tom!
  • Gary Reimer will contact Allen county to see if we can get the road in paved or graveled etc.
  • We bought a new Reefer! Old one had broken freezer door.
  • We just bought a new lawnmower for club use
  • Had 9 boats in last Regatta – good turnout – keep it up
  • Larry Caillouet volunteered to make a shareable contact list of club members, he has the spreadsheet. Will poll to see members who want to opt out f it. We will post in private area of website or maybe email to members. This would be useful if needing crew or just to contact other members.
  • Discussed trying to address high water issues and the dock system, we have limited options to utilize dock in high water
  • Will poll members to see if monthly meetings would be better if on Saturday instead of Friday’s – I’ll send email out for this, please respond yea or nay
  • Potential raftup in works for next full moon weekend – Rob H is working on this and more later.
  • Will add a race for August 17th Saturday – Rob H. will get details
  • Alan Cannon has swanky new Tesla – no word on when hitch will be installed and towing capacity. Maybe will come to the dock when called and line up to recapture boat?

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