Gary Reimer, our Purser, has asked me to remind you of something that you probably already know, your annual dues are due and payable during the month of January.

For Regular Members the dues are $300. If you are a Regular Member who is 65 years or older you get a 10% discount, making your dues come to $270.

For Associate Members the dues are $175. Again, if you are 65 year of age or older, you also get a 10% discount, making your dues come to $157.50.

If you do not pay your dues during January, there is a $5 late fee for every month after January.

You can mail your dues to Gary Reimer at our PO Box 1472, which makes the Zip Code 42102-1472. (20 years before Columbus and a century or more after Leif Eriksson)

2 thoughts on “THE DUES ARE DUE !

  1. Hi Gary! This is Holly McCoy. I have been a member for past 9 years, always paid dues in May-we have a small 14 foot hobie cat on the lot, just saw on this website dues were due in Jan. So sorry, new to me, what do I need to do to keep my membership going?

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