Meeting April 9th – Workparty #2 rescheduled but Meeting and a Meal is a go!

The Telltale will be coming shortly, but not right now.  I felt that I needed to get this reminder out to you immediately.  I am like the butcher who backed into his meat grinder.   I got a little behind in my work.  Yes, Virginia, at 78 years old I am still working.  Where did I go wrong, let me count the ways.

Remember that we have a Meal (12), and Meeting (1-7) scheduled for this coming Saturday, April 9.  The management has decided not to have a clean-up.  It might rain off and on, here and there.   But, unless you are the Wicked Witch of the West, you will not melt.  Reverend Bradon Cook will be serving a delicious meal.  And you will want to hear the latest new at the Meeting.\

Please come out.  We miss you.

Lee Huddleston, Scribe

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