2023 Dock Rules

POYC Dock Protocols

A dry erase board, markers and eraser has been placed in the pavilion for the use of documenting the date a Club Member places his/her boat on POYC Docks. This will include member’s Last name, boat name or registration number, date boat was put on dock and slip number. Dock stays are limited to THREE WEEKS on the dock, then off for no less than 7 days, unless dock usage is under 86% (two open slips). When dock usage exceeds 86%, first on first off rule is in effect till dock usage is under 86%. Also, if you are not planning on using your boat for a couple weeks, just haul it out. Be considerate of our limited dock space.

In addition, Dock Master will be documenting docked boats’ status using Dock Sign Board and photos on POYC Facebook Group. These photos will be taken no less than one week and no more than two weeks in frequency. Photos will show the boat registration number and current Dock Sign Board. 

Moreover, first on first off is just what it sounds like. The Dock Master will use the Sign Board to determine first on first off. The oldest dates on Dock Sign Board will be the first ones asked to remove their boat from dock, until 86% usage is achieved. If all boats at dock have less than three weeks on the dock, the dock will remain full until someone has been docked for three weeks. If two or more boats have the same sign in date, all those boats will be asked to haul out at the same time to maintain fairness.

We had a great sailing season last year with no significant problems with dockage. So, please fill out the Dock Sign Board and get your boat off the dock in the allotted three weeks or the floggings will commence.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Dock Master  Greg Glass


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