The Great Minnow Regatta October 7th and 8th

Calling all Skippers and Gilligans,
Prepare ye for the Great Minnow Regatta
Oct. 7th-8th.
Kick off with a pancake breakfast at 9:00 Saturday morning.
Skippers’ meeting at 10:00.
$25.00 race fee which includes dinner.
All members invited to dinner $10.00/person.
Troy will be smokin’ butts for dinner(the pork variety.)
Baked beans, coleslaw and beer will be provided.
The wonderful Alan and Denise Janes will be providing music.
Fun continues Sunday morning with a light breakfast before

Salty Dawg BVI Relief

Guys, you are all painfully aware of the devastation of British Virgin Islands, and some of the other northern Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. Our news has featured the destruction in Florida and Houston, but the people of BVI wish they could trade places with the people of Florida and Texas. Not only are their homes and businesses crushed and blown away, their livelihoods are largely gone for the foreseeable future. Tourism doesn’t spring back to life when the debris is bulldozed into landfills. Tourists have other places to go; and who wants to go to a wrecked island that has no hotels, no restaurants or bars, no grocery stores with provisions, no reliable services, and virtually nothing green left on the island? The British Virgin Islands are almost completely dependent on tourism and boating, but no islands other than Barbuda were more completely devastated than Tortola, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke in BVI. Many of our club members have happy memories of chartering in BVI. The charter fleet there is destroyed, along with the docks at the Moorings/Sunsail, Nanny Cay, and Bitter End Yacht Club.

Diana and I have followed the news of BVI from every possible source. What can we do to help the people in BVI during this catastrophic time? We are members of the Salty Dawg Sailing Association, a non-profit organization that has been sailing from the Chesapeake to BVI every November for several years. Last fall our boat was one of 80 that sailed into North Sound on Virgin Gorda to be hosted by the Bitter End Yacht Club, which exists no longer. The SDSA has strong connections with BVI and is raising money to work through the Rotary Club of BVI and some other civic groups to provide immediate relief for the people most severely affected by Hurricane Irma.

I have forwarded to you the announcement of the Salty Dawg BVI Relief Fund. Could you please post it on our website and send it out to our club members? If you want more information about the Salty Dawg Sailing Association, I will be happy to provide that. I know the leaders personally and I know their hearts. Not a penny will be spent on administrative costs. Contributions are tax deductible and can be made by credit card.


Larry and Diana Caillouet

Click here to view – Salty Dawg BVI Relief

Por Cay Regatta

POYC TWEET—Summer officially ends with Labor Day…
Fall POYC Social and Racing Season Begins!

Saturday, Sept. 9

Por Cay Regatta for EVERYONE—Novice and Experienced Sailors

                                                                        Dinghy & Cruiser classes

Skippers’ meeting at 10:00

ONLY $10.00 entry fee

Come to Club and learn about ‘naming a POYC regatta for a Caribbean Por Cay destination!’


SOCIAL  5:00 Meal & Raft-UP

Club provides meat

Please bring a side or dessert

BYOB for drinks

No charge


After dinner…. sail and raft-up

Stay until time to leave or stay all night!


Plan to come out and enjoy a beautiful day at your club

Sept 16 Trash Clean-up at lake: POYC from 8:00-11:00

Our Thank You for Corps allowing us extended mooring privileges

Yankee Doodle Recap by Frank Kersting

A patriotic song, sung with feeling by the POYC sailors and guests, began  the evening’s activities. The pavilion was full with club members and guests.  The ‘Yankee Doodle’ is Herb Siewert’s favorite regatta where he insisted on pork barbecue, sometimes smoked on the property.  For the 2017 regatta, his daughter and family joined the festivities.  Welcome and trust we will see you more often!

The dinner was excellent, as all the side dishes were scraped clean. Taking time for the featured Carolina chicken sandwiches to settle, the anticipated dessert: homemade ice cream, was served.  The sweet treat by Debbie and Steve was so delicious, the containers were also scraped clean.  No need to wash them!!

After the tables were cleared, Debbie showed the feature movie, ‘Wind,’ one of the top 10 best sailing movies.  With surround sound that Steve connected, watching a sailing movie with fellow sailors and boats in the yard added. Special flare.

The Yankee Doodle was shortened due to threatening weather but two races in light wind were completed.

The results were:

Dinghy- 1st Barry Sanders

               2nd. Joe Brownfield

Cruiser- 1st Frank Kersting

                2nd Greg Glass

                3rd. Chris & Andrew Eaton.  This was their first placement in racing- welcome to the racing fleet!

What a wonderful way to celebrate July 4, remembering the precious gifts we have in this great nation.