Commodore’s Reception and 2009 Recap

Greetings and salutations to all of my mates at the POYC!  This epistle comes as both a recap of the month of December as well as an invitation to the Commodore’s Reception to be held on January 1st.  Almost fifty sailors gathered for the Christmas Party on December 12th at Cambridge Market with all the usual suspects present except for one mate.

It was and is my unpleasant and sad duty to announce the passing of Capt. John O’Connor who died just prior to the party.  He had just brought wife Meg home after a dangerous session in the hospital and was in fine spirits when I spoke to him on Friday the 11h.  Having completed his mission he sailed to the other shore that night.  John was a fine mate and I saw his transom sail away from me in many a race; he will be in our hearts and sorely missed.  All condolences to Meg, and hang in there.

The mates present at the party were quieted by this news, but as John would have wanted he was heartily toasted and the party proceeded.  Guitarist Brett Puckett and singer Tyrone Dunn entertained as we enjoyed each others company and jousted over the past year’s sailing season.  Past Commodore’s Herb Siewert and Lee Huddleston regaled us with some sailing lore and then we sat down to the Christmas feast.

After dinner Brown Bag Awards were presented by social chair Debbie Champion and then I had the privilege to emcee the main event.  I was pleased to present the Dinghy Cup for 2009 to Capt. Dale Sturm who not only sailed well at the club, but represented us well at the Bluegrass Games.

The Cruiser Champion came down to a tie in points initially between Capt. Gary Reimer and Capt. Dale Allison.  After a conference with John O’Connor on Friday morning the tie was broken with the winner having the lowest overall average in all races – Dale Allison.  Congratulations to both skippers – it was the year of the Dale’s.

As Commodore it was my responsibility to select the Yachtsman of the Year and this was a tough one.  Due to her prowess racing as well as her consistent dedication to the POYC Debbie Champion was my choice for this esteemed award.  The final detail of the evening was to announce the officer’s for the 2010 campaign. Race Chair – Doug Roberts  /  Hardmaster – Gary Reimer /  Purser – Barry Sanders /Scribe – Gary Guss /  Vice-Commodore – Debbie Champion

If some of these names sound familiar its because they have once again stepped up to shoulder the responsibilities of serving as officers – and they were the only candidates.

It was a great party and I hope to see all these mates and more at next year’s Christmas Party.

The Commodore’s Reception is traditionally held by the outgoing Commodore for the incoming Commodore.  I am honored to be serving a second season as Commodore so we will commence the festivities at my house at 4 pm on January 1st.

The address is 1824 Meng Road in southern Warren County.  Directions to the house are as follows:  from the North – down I-65 to the Scottsville Road exit then the first left onto Three Springs Road.  Proceed  approx. five miles to the south to the first stop sign at highway 242. Turn left onto 242 and after passing the small white church in the turn Meng Road dives off to the right while 242 continues to the left.  We are about a mile and a half down the road and the third house on the left side of the road.  The Miller mansion is almost a century old, constructed of brick and sporting four white columns across a large front porch.  Highway 242 can also be reached from 31-W from either the north of south, and if you come that way the only large road you cross will be at the above mentioned stop sign on 242 and proceed as above.  It really is easy to find so do not be deterred.

I hope to see my mates from the POYC as this will serve as the January meeting.  The past season went by quickly for me and I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked; but I hope all feel it was a successful campaign.  Thanks for your support – together we can make 2010 even better.  Merry Christmas to all and I hope to see you New Years Day!

Commodore Capt. Bill Miller

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