Re: The Commodore’s Reception

Dear POYC Friends,

Bill and I would like to thank everyone for filling our home with laughter and friendship during the Commodore’s Reception.The presence of each of you gave these walls a much needed rattle that rang of times past when the Meng’s used to entertain on a a regular basis. It has been years since the staircase felt the bounding (no, not pounding) of tiny feet. This brick bastion has never felt so warm as it did on the evening of January 1, 2010. We are truly grateful for the occasion.

There is a constant reminder that we do not know what 2010 will hold. Who of us will see the end of 2010 on this earth? Who will not? Let us take comfort in each other during difficult times and rejoice in victories.

We’ll see you on the water and that won’t be soon enough.

Bill and Kaye Miller

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