High Water Scheduling Changes for Blessing of the Fleet and more

I spoke with Commodore Bill Miller tonight.
While the boatyard is safe and dry, the lake water has continued to rise past the turnaround and they have moved the dock up into the cove and have it tied to two large trees, they will be also anchoring it to make sure it can’t get loose. For now, you cannot launch from the club and when it becomes okay to launch, you will not be able to use the dock until the water recedes enough for them to re-attach it to the stabilizing arms. This large amount of water will mean we also need to make some other scheduling changes.
We have moved the Blessing of the fleet scheduled for next week Saturday and will have the Blessing as part of the normal monthly meeting Friday May 14th instead. Our own Herb Siewert will give the Blessing this year. Initially, we had also hoped to have a sailing class graduation on the lake on Saturday which will have to be rescheduled.
The Huddleston Cup scheduled for the end of May will also have to be re-scheduled and this date is to be announced later.
As I get more information, I will pass it along.

Gary Guss – Scribe

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