May POYC Meeting and the Blessing of the Fleet

The docks have been moved to one side of the cove and anchored there,
while the water is extremely high, you can launch from the turnaround.
The Harbormaster and the Commodore have commented, please refrain from
tying up at the docks, as we don’t want to stress the anchors any more
than necessary.

We now have a working AED ( Automatic Emergency Defibrillator) living in
the shed to the right side of the door. If you push the on button  on
the device, you will be taken through the steps to activate and use it.
If you use the pads on someone and EMS is summoned, they will give us
replacement pads if asked, so please ask. A collection was taken up by
the mates and we accumulated enough money to purchase a set of pediatric
pads, which can be used on smaller people and youths in case of drowning

Randy Edwards cooked a terrific BBQ and pork tenderloin extravaganza, we
had plenty of great food and desserts as usual. Thanks Randy, for
cooking this month. Our new mates Robert and Meg Akins volunteered to
cook next month. If you can cook, please let Debbie Champion know and
we’ll all be very grateful.

A memorial was held in honor of our Mate John O’ Conner, and some adult
beverage was spilled in his honor. We had a moment of silence to
commemorate sailors who have passed on.
We had a recitation by Lee Huddleston and Herb Siewert conducted the
Blessing and gave a lovely homily. Finally we had a lively toast to the
season by our own Rob Wyatt. Music was provided by Bill Miller, Bill
Champion and Meg Akins.

Due to the high water, we are tentatively moving the Hudlleston cup to
the 12th and 13th of June. The Yankee Doodle will be held July 4th as
usual. Stay tuned as this may change due to circumstances.
The Bluegrass Sunfish Rally will be held at the Louisville Sailing Club on June
26th. We expect a few members to participate up there.

A motion was entered  by Bill Miller to allow Marty from the top of the
hill to park his boat trailer while he is using the boat in the spot
vacated by the Committee boat when it is launched for the season. Marty
has come to our aid several times over the years ( most recently during
the flood and moving of the docks) and watches out for the club
properties. Currently he launches from the ramp and then lugs his
trailer back up the hill. This would allow him to leave it in that
parking space, only while he is out in the boat, at the end of the day
he would be expected to remove the trailer from the grounds. The motion
was seconded by Lee Huddleston and passed by the board.

While we have some adversity because of the high water, we can all look
forward to a good season and I’m sure we will have some exciting
adventures in the next months.

Gary Guss – Scribe

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