June Club Meeting Highlights – June 8th 2012

The meeting opened as always with a salute to past Commodores. Next up was a discussion of the Jolly Roger regatta being held on the 9th. The Race committee needs help for the Karl Millen (August 18th) and Great Minnow Regattas (Sept. 29-30th), as always we will train you. This is a good way to learn about racing and you can get a great view on the committee boat.
We need long sailbags for the clubs G-22 boat (6.5″ for the main and 5’2″ for the jib) if you have these or materials to make them please contact anybody on the board.
We plan to offer a sailing class in August (2nd Week). More on this as we get closer to the time. The Scribe would like us to offer a Sunfish class for those of us who would like to learn to sail one ( this could be great fun especially when it gets hotter).

The Yardmaster wants us to mention the 10 Commandments of POYC.. these are our rules of the road.

1.) Don’t block other boats when parking.
2.) Don’t hog the dock .. First in and First out, if you aren’t sailing the boat for a day or so pull it off the dock.
3.) When docking, always dock bow in and use a large fender to protect the dock. This gets us the maximum number of boats able to use the dock.
4.) Clean up after yourself.. we don’t have janitors working in the club. If the garbage can is full, it can be emptied into on of the two dumpsters in the lower yard near the ramp. Garbage bags are in the shed.
5.) If you run out of mower gas, toilet paper, soap or other club consumable ( not beer!) please buy some and the purser will reimburse the expense.
6.) If you notice something is broken, let the yardmaster or other board members know so we can get it fixed.
7.) Please mow or weed eat the space under and around your boat.
8.) Don’t leave food in the refrigerator, please take it back home.
9.) Say hello to other members, let’s all get to know each other better.
10) If you are the last person on the property, lock the shed, the head, and the gate.. we are trying to reduce vandalism.

We are almost done remodeling the plank park, we need about 10 more bricks and a bag of sand, thanks to Rob Wyatt for his masonic help.

Purser report – Year to Date we have about $14,820 in and have spent $4750, we also recently paid our core fee of $8350 ( five years worth). this doesn’t leave us much of a balance and we still have other routine bills. We currently have 65 members who have paid for the year with 22 members who are not paid up. Of the 22, we have 11 people who haven’t paid for 2 years. We plan on an executive committee meeting to determine our next plan of action for these people. We can publish their names in the Telltale or pursue other means of getting them to pay up or remove their boat from the club yards. If you haven’t paid yet please do so.

We heard that Marge Deller’s husband John recently passed away, our condolences to her and her family.

Commodore Siewert, reports that the Yankee Doodle regatta will have three classes, a Dinghy, Cruiser and Sunfish class. This will be a one day race and will be held on July 7th.. the skippers meeting will be at 10AM sharp and the racing will begin soon after. There will be a pig roast as usual which will cost about $10 a head. Herb is looking for help on the committee boat and he can be contacted at h.siewert@insightbb.com or contact a board member.

Final Note : We are now considered a private ramp – Please lock the gate and lock it when you leave for the day. Rotate the combination to make it harder to guess

Let’s all get out there and enjoy the club !

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