July Meeting Highlights

The meeting began with a salute to past Commodores.
Welcome to our latest new members – Please introduce yourselves if you see them around the club.
Bill Klarer – Kevin’s brother has re-joined
Lisa Howlett and Jane Rutledge joined in June
Kelvin and Kim Hawkins joined at July meeting
Cody and Holly Curtsinger joined at July meeting
Please lock the gate and don’t leave the combination showing on the dial. If in doubt lock the gate, the boat you save may be your own. Lock the gate behind you, if anyone else comes down they can unlock it as well.
 Treasurer’s report was that all bills are paid including the Corps fees. We are projected to have a deficit of $3000.00 this year due to the Corps fees of $8350.00 being paid and only $1500.00 being held in reserves the last four years to pay them. We pay the Corp fees every 5 years or so. We will need to hold back more reserves to be ready for the next time we need to pay these.
Also discussed were the upcoming Regattas, The Yankee Doodle and Infinity which had been rescheduled due to poor weather conditions.

Winners of the Regattas:

The Yankee Doodle
Cruisers – 1. Deborah Champion, (1, 2 ) 2 Greg Glass, (2, (1 ;
Dinghies – Bill Klarer, (2, (1 ;Dale Sturm, (4, (2 ;Doug Roberts, (5, (3 ;Max Vinson, (3, (5
Sunfish – Barry Sanders

The Infinity
Cruisers – Deborah Champion, (1, (1, (2, (1 ;Greg Glass, (2, (2, (1, (2
Dinghies – Barry Sanders, (1, (1, (1, (2 ;Bill Klarer, (2, (2, (2, (1

Complete timing and scoring at : https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B2HJiBQcMXCRQVFsbXpqbV9XS28

Come on out and race ! We still have a lot of races left this season.

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