The Great Minnow

The last regatta of the 2014 racing season is coming up on the weekend of October 11th. Our club has suffered declining attendance for events and if there is any way we can step up for this one it will be good for all involved.We won’t dwell on the past; let’s just look forward and see what we can do to make the Minnow a real big one. We will have the October monthly meeting after the 1st round of racing Saturday afternoon. Let’s have a good turn out and spend some time talking to each other about how we can make the club functional again.

We care about sailing or we wouldn’t be here in the first place. Times change as do our priorities and distractions, and that’s what makes it important to recognize and overcome the barriers that are keeping sails from being hauled. We need to take steps now toward insuring that there will be a next generation of sailors on our lake. The club is built on the blood and sweat of many, and now will take just a bit more effort from a few to foster our growth going forward!

Gary Reimer

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