Happy 2016 and 50th Anniversary!


This special year marks the 50th anniversary of the club charter which was drafted and incorporated in September 1966.

Thanks to the vision and perseverance of the founders, the club was formed and nurtured through infancy until it got on its feet a few years later. The revival, as it became known, was in 1971. It was decided to continue under the original charter of 1966, so this is officially our 50th Anniversary.

For those who are passionate about sailing, the 1966 birth of POYC should be hailed as the greatest thing that happened around here!

Let’s get out on the lake and make this a year our founders would be proud of!

The Great Minnow

The last regatta of the 2014 racing season is coming up on the weekend of October 11th. Our club has suffered declining attendance for events and if there is any way we can step up for this one it will be good for all involved.We won’t dwell on the past; let’s just look forward and see what we can do to make the Minnow a real big one. We will have the October monthly meeting after the 1st round of racing Saturday afternoon. Let’s have a good turn out and spend some time talking to each other about how we can make the club functional again.

We care about sailing or we wouldn’t be here in the first place. Times change as do our priorities and distractions, and that’s what makes it important to recognize and overcome the barriers that are keeping sails from being hauled. We need to take steps now toward insuring that there will be a next generation of sailors on our lake. The club is built on the blood and sweat of many, and now will take just a bit more effort from a few to foster our growth going forward!

Gary Reimer

POYC Around the World

The Port Oliver Yacht Club burgee is traveling the world again this spring and summer. Last year it flew over the waters of Thailand, Australia, and the Seychelles.  This year four sailors representing POYC competed in the 2014 British Virgin Islands Spring Regatta in April. The crew included Larry Caillouet, Richard Collins, and Dan Chaney from Bowling Green, and Bill Linehan from Indianapolis. They raced a Jeanneau 53 named Lady Suzanne and finished fifth of nine entries in the charter boat division. They were in contention until major damage to the mainsail track on the mast caused them to limp across the finish line in race #3 and miss race #4 altogether. In an ironic twist, Larry and Diana’s boat, Mary Jewell, was sailed by a Dutch crew and took first place, winning 5 out of 6 races.

POYC burgee and the official flags of BVI and the BVI Regatta.

POYC burgee and the official flags of BVI and the BVI Regatta

After the BVI Regatta, the POYC burgee took its second tour of duty in French Polynesia, having visited the Society Islands previously in 2010. This year it flew for two weeks in Raiatea, Bora Bora, Maupiti, Tupai, and Tahaa aboard a 46 foot Moorings catamaran.  No racing here, just beautiful days of tropical breezes, crystal clear water, swaying palm trees, and the roar of waves crashing on the reefs around each island. Inside the lagoons coral was bountiful and pristine.  Warm waters and an abundance of tropical fish made snorkeling a must-do activity every day.

Taravana Yacht Club, Tahaa, French Polynesia

Taravana Yacht Club, Tahaa, French Polynesia

Next the POYC burgee flew over the turquoise waters of Turkey. Larry and Diana Caillouet sailed along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey on a 45 foot Sunsail Jeanneau monohull.  They boarded the boat in Gocek and sailed as far west as Marmaris and as far east as Kalkan. Turkey is not exotic like Tahiti, but is beautiful in its own way. The rugged mountains come right down to the sea creating many bays and harbors.  The days are sunny and warm, but at night you sleep with a blanket or two. The waters are turquoise blue and so clear you can see fish swimming 15 or 20 feet below the boat. The people are genuinely friendly and the food is great!

The POYC burgee keeps a solitary watch over Mersin Limani

The POYC burgee keeps a solitary watch over Mersin Limani

After two weeks in Turkey, the POYC burgee hopped over the Aegean Sea to board a 42 foot Moorings Beneteau monohull in Lavrion, Greece. Its itinerary for two weeks was to sail to the Cyclades islands of Kythnos, Syros, Mykonos, Paros, Ios, Santorini, Folegandros, Sifnos, Serifos, and Kea before completing the cycle at Lavrion.  These islands are 20-30 miles apart and the winds can be strong, so each day saw some serious sailing.

A view of the ancient Chora on the island of Serifos from the town dock.

A view of the ancient Chora on the island of Serifos from the town dock.

The POYC burgee is now completing its world tour by returning to its “home away from home” the British, US, and Spanish Virgin Islands.  Larry and Diana are sailing there with friends for four weeks in July before returning to the real home of the by-then tattered burgee, Barren River Lake.

 POYC represented at the Reggae Festival in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, BVI.

POYC represented at the Reggae Festival in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, BVI.

Don’t let anyone from a fancy “white pants and blazer” yacht club disparage the Port Oliver Yacht Club.  Its burgee has been seen around the world.

~Submitted by Larry Caillouette

2014 Huddleston Cup


The prestigious and highly coveted cups await the victors.

The past weekends regatta was a fun event although the wind was very light to say the least.

Sausage and Pancakes

IHOP customers do not generally appear as happy as these POYC sailors do when they woke up to the smell of coffee and sausage on the grill.

Pancake breakfast and Pork BBQ dinners were a huge reward for all entrants in this year’s cup. Carol K. and Doug R. commanded the spatula and heard the approving remarks of many hungry pirates.


The commander and crew of Zephyr during one of the highlights of the race in which there was a boat near the photographer.

As for the light air racing, I was so far behind that without binoculars I couldn’t really tell what was going on. I did see Connie P. for a while as she and Zephyr were hoping for just such. The race committee mercifully ended the last race as I waddled around within 30 yards of the last buoy for half an hour or so.


The winning skippers of the 2014 Huddleston Cup from left to right: Dale Sturm, Bill Klarer, Carol Kersting, Barry Sanders, Gary Reimer and Kevin Klarer.

The results for the regatta were as follows:

  • C. Kersting 1st Cruiser
  • B. Klarer 1st Dinghies
  • K. Klarer 2nd Cruisers
  • B. Sanders 2nd Dinghies
  • G. Reimer 3rd Cruisers
  • D. Sturm 3rd Dinghies

POYC thanks all participants for coming out and especially Bill Miller and the race committee, and social chair, Carol Kersting, for the spectacular grubs.

Don’t miss the next event, The Jolly Roger and Low Country Boil on June 14th. Let the wind blow!


2014 Fleet Commissioning


Invites You, Family and Friends
to the
2014 Fleet Blessing and Commissioning
May 10, 2014

Ceremony beginning at 12:00

followed by heavy hors d’oeuvres

Newly designed POYC hats and visors
will be available for $20.00

Join your fellow mates as we also
Welcome the 2014 Sailing Class

Regular monthly meeting to follow ceremony


April Showers

Spring has filled the tub and it’s time to get out there and take advantage of the beauty that nature provides us!  Steve Tabor’s already set the record for consecutive days aboard and it will be tough to catch up with him.
red sail

Sailing School will commence this coming Saturday, May 3.  The following Saturday, May 10 will host the second Sailing School session and the 2014 Commissioning of the Fleet. The ceremony begins at noon. The monthly meeting will close the day. Saturday, May 17 will be the third Sailing School session and The Tune-Up Regatta.  It’s a good time to come out and learn some more about racing if you are curious.

We will then have our first regatta of the season, The Huddleston Cup, on May 24-25. As the last day of the Sailing School is on the 24th, it might be a good opportunity to pick up some crew from the school and get them hooked on the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.

The lake is currently about 2.5 feet below summer pool and there is a lot of flotsam around the ramp and elsewhere in the lake, so keep an eye out and do what you can to help us clear it out. It tends to washout during the day and return overnight.

The head is functional and water flowing under control thanks to the effort of our Hardmaster Doug Roberts, who spent the better part of 4 days replacing burst pipes as a result of our unforgiving winter. The fancy new cross-linked polyethylene pipes should be more forgiving if winter is not. Doug also put the finishing touch to the committee boat last weekend so as soon as we can get some air into the tires it should be ready for action.

There are still a few things left on the to-do list from the work-party. Look at the list on the board in the pavillion and see if there is something you will do. Volunteers are still (and will always be) needed for race committee and cooking at several of our monthly meetings.

We have signed the club up at meetup.org in an effort to reach like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and help them find their way into boat life.  If you are tech savvy and like utilizing the wonders that the internet have made possible, please join the group and use it to communicate with other “could be sailors.”

It’s going to be a busy month ahead.
See you at the lake!

All Hail the Vernal Equinox

Do the happy dance! Now we just need water in the hole. The work party last weekend was very productive. Turnout wasn’t huge, but the ones who did come out kicked some tail. Thanks to Alan, Denise, Ben, Tom, Claire, Kevin, Bill, Mark, Greg, Gary, Deborah, Lee and the officers for the elbow grease.

Denise and Alan Janes rake around this odd artifact from the concrete age.

Denise and Alan rake around this odd artifact from the concrete age while Ben reorganizes the shed.

Mark Saderholm works on the path while Rob Wyatt does a rain dance in the background.

Mark Saderholm smooths the path and Rob  does a rain dance in the background.Trees have been trimmed the path to the dock and the ramp cleared.

The committee boat has been stripped of the remaining rotten deck and will soon get a new one.

The RC boat is ready for some love.

The RC boat is ready for some love.

The galley received a coat of stain and the shed has been reorganized so you won’t be able to find anything. We will be having another work party on April 12th before the next meeting to finish up what couldn’t be done in a day by the few. Come on out and give us a hand!

In other news, Lee Huddleston was granted emeritus status and Herb Seiwert sold Gary Guss his Mutineer, so Guss is a real pirate now.


The Coolest Quilt

It’s been a such a long, cold winter that former POYC commodore Karen McNulty found the time and creative energy to turn a drawer full of regatta T-shirts into a means of warmth.  There’s a lot memories in that to wrap up in!

And since it’s made of T-Shirts is probably just right for cool summer nights.

Now we know what Karen's been up to lately.

Now we know what Karen’s been up to lately!       photo submitted by Mary Higgins

But don’t give up on your T-Shirts, Warm weather will arrive…  Right? Tell me I’m right.

R. Hatcher