April Meeting Highlights

It was a cold blustery evening, but we managed to eat fabulous BRATS and chili, drink, and have a meeting and some comradeship. The meeting began by Commodore Hatcher giving a salute to past Commodores .. Deborah, Bill, Carol, Frank, and Gary were all present.

Balmy breezes during the April meeting

Balmy breezes during the April meeting

Bill Miller using Deborah and Margaret as a human sheild to block blustery winds ..  Blurry because of camera shake cased by hypothermia

Bill Miller using Deborah and Margaret as a human shield to block cold winds .. Blurry because of camera shake caused by hypothermia

Bill Miller gave a recap of his recent WBKO experience discussing the sailing school which went very well and he is planning to go on WBKO Mid-day soon. Commodore Rob Hatcher will be appearing at TJ Sampson to discuss the school this Thursday and also at Bowling Green ballpark on April 26th at a youth camp promo event. We will be offering a 1/2 price Assoc. Membership and dues for 1 year to graduates, this as an inducement to continue what they learn at our school and perhaps to get new members.

Carol K. gave a rundown on plans for the Blessing and we discussed getting some 50th anniversary T-shirts and Coozies (with 2 Coozies for each paid member). We also discussed putting up a sheet in the kitchen for listing out needed supplies. Carol still needs some cooks for Regattas and help with some of the social events during the summer. Bill Miller is looking for volunteer cooks for the meetings. If you have an interest please contact them.

Yard/Hardmaster Steve Stahl reported that Lee Huddleston has donated a lawn tractor to the club and they have it running pretty well. This will enable us to cut our own lawn and save a good bit of cash. The keys for the tractor are on Tag #56. The tractor will henceforth be known to all as the “General Lee” . It is not known whether this thing will be repainted this color or get the #1 number. Please refrain from jumping over boats while running the tractor.

bo-general-lee-876Our racing chair Gary Reimer, is still looking for folks to run races and man the Committee boat, he has a nice hat he will give out to those that step forward. Bill Miller will be running the Huddleston and Lee Huddleston will be running the Millen. Deborah Champion will be running one of the fun races..

RC.Formerdore Reimer is in search of for a new to us motor to replace the ancient one on the committee boat, he recently attended an auction and almost got us a nice Honda 40 4cycle but was sadly outbid. The search continues!

Purser Cannon reports the memberships are starting to be returned and dues are starting to come in. Alan mentioned that David Weber was donating his O-Day 22 to the club. We have a number of these boats in the upper yard and we need to come up with a plan to sell, regift or scrap these. This will be an executive board meeting topic soon. If you are looking for a project boat this might be something to pursue. ( you know the hull is sound, when the water doesn’t leak out).

Our next event will be the Workparty #2, now scheduled for April 23rd. The club is looking good, but we want to polish it up a little before the Blessing of the Fleet..Please come out and help out if you are able.

That’s it for this month, fair winds everyone and see you at the club.

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