Spring Sermon

As it is Spring again, it’s time to refresh ourselves on our smooth docking rules, these are from Vice Commodore Miller from back in 2010, but still apply today.

Greetings and salutations to the mates of the POYC. Spring sailing has arrived and it is once again time for the yearly reminders as to what makes the club run smoothly. I first received this list during the reign of the venerable, and now Emeritus, Commodore Bill Hatter; and have since added a few more. Remember – your momma doesn’t live here so…

  1. If you mess it up – clean it up.
  2. If you use it up – replace it. You will be reimbursed.
  3. All members with boats in the yard are expected to mow the areas around their boats and keep them ship shape.
  4. NEVER block another mates boat trailer!
  5. If you appear to be the last one on the property please be sure to lock the heads and shed as well as turn off any lights. ( and Now Lock the Gate Please)
  6. NEVER leave your boat unattended on the inside of the first dock. This side is for launching/retrieval only.
  7. When leaving your boat on the dock ALWAYS springline your boat; please do not broadside.
  8. ALWAYS place an adequate fender on the dock at the bow of your boat. We have just retired the debt on the dock and want them to last as long as possible. Boats abrading the plastic are a serious issue where the docks are concerned. It is the responsibility of the captain to check on his/her boat frequently to insure proper dockage.
  9. POYC Regattas require room on the dock. If you are not racing PLEASE remove your boat from the dock prior to the race.

I would also like to mention, please say hello to your fellow members if you meet them at the club and also to our students if you encounter them. It means a lot to new members and students to feel welcome and helps them want to be a part of our club. We all started out not knowing the ropes and now we call them lines instead.

Thanks and see you on the water..

The Scribe

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