2016 Karl Millen Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2016 Karl Millen Regatta

Cruisers…1st Kevin Klarer, 2nd Gary Reimer, 3rd Tom Cunningham
Dinghies…1st Joe Brownfield
Sunfish…1st Barry Sanders, 2nd Dale Sturm

The competition was there and the conditions were far better than those in Rio as these skippers took tin after 7 races that whittled the fleet down from an impressive 9 entries to 6 that could endure the tasty conditions. There was good wind and flat water. An overcast sky that seemed tempted to cut loose in a torrent never did and kept the stinkpotters at bay while providing ample shade for the hardworking crew on the fine racing machines. Afterwards, several crew members were overheard mumbling about exertion and fun, two words not often bound in the same concept.


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