Yankee Doodle Recap by Frank Kersting

A patriotic song, sung with feeling by the POYC sailors and guests, began  the evening’s activities. The pavilion was full with club members and guests.  The ‘Yankee Doodle’ is Herb Siewert’s favorite regatta where he insisted on pork barbecue, sometimes smoked on the property.  For the 2017 regatta, his daughter and family joined the festivities.  Welcome and trust we will see you more often!

The dinner was excellent, as all the side dishes were scraped clean. Taking time for the featured Carolina chicken sandwiches to settle, the anticipated dessert: homemade ice cream, was served.  The sweet treat by Debbie and Steve was so delicious, the containers were also scraped clean.  No need to wash them!!

After the tables were cleared, Debbie showed the feature movie, ‘Wind,’ one of the top 10 best sailing movies.  With surround sound that Steve connected, watching a sailing movie with fellow sailors and boats in the yard added. Special flare.

The Yankee Doodle was shortened due to threatening weather but two races in light wind were completed.

The results were:

Dinghy- 1st Barry Sanders

               2nd. Joe Brownfield

Cruiser- 1st Frank Kersting

                2nd Greg Glass

                3rd. Chris & Andrew Eaton.  This was their first placement in racing- welcome to the racing fleet!

What a wonderful way to celebrate July 4, remembering the precious gifts we have in this great nation.


Summer solstice, as one of the more religious members observed, is celebrated with abandon at Stonehenge.  Well, we discussed mooning but there was no moon, there was, however, wind.  An exceedingly slow start  caused Kevin’s boat with a jolly crew, led by Lee Huddleston, to drift over the starting line early!  The turtle race was on!  The wind miraculously  began to ruffle the placid lake and the race around the island with the race quickly  becoming serious business.  It was a marvelous evening for the POYC regatta which had started as twice around the island due to the exceptional winds throughout the day, but had significantly diminished to whispers in the evening.

The 5 sail boats, chased one another around the island with ‘skipper’s choice’ as to which direction to sail.  The Champions took the route less traveled and showed the positive results of taking that route!  There was also a match race inside the regatta itself, as Leah and her astute tactician Carol Kersting, challenged Steve and Carol’s other half, to a match race.  The finish line told that tale, which shall be revealed  in the results!

Leah previewed the shirts commemorating the beginning of the ‘POYC next 50.’  The shirts were very popular with the attending members.  Shirts cost $20.00 with sizes for all.  Well done, Leah

Before giving the results, a major kudos to Holly and Gwen for buying and binging dinner with sides provided by other club  members.   After a day of sailing, the food was consumed by famished sailors.   Tom and Teresa Cripps joined the other day-sailors for the Solstice Regatta.  Telling tales until 8:00 pm, we set off for the shortened course.

About 90 minutes later, the race was finished.  Rob set a moving finish line between his boat and the cove’s point.  Leah and Carol remembered that Kevin was over early, so they yelled to Rob that the finish line was, therefore, on either side of his boat.  This IS about fairness, after all, they observed!  Race concluded at 11:00 pm

The results were:

Third Place– Steve Stahl

Second Place– Debbie & Bill Champion

First Place– Kevin Klarer with the most boisterous crew!

Remember to plan to join your fellow mates for the POYC GREAT AMERICAN COOKOUT  July 2nd at 5:30 with homemade ice cream and a movie at 7:30.  Cost: $10.00/person with children under 12 free.

The Yankee Doodle, a fun regatta, skippers’ meeting starts at 10:00.  Registration cost: $10.00


2016 Karl Millen Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2016 Karl Millen Regatta

Cruisers…1st Kevin Klarer, 2nd Gary Reimer, 3rd Tom Cunningham
Dinghies…1st Joe Brownfield
Sunfish…1st Barry Sanders, 2nd Dale Sturm

The competition was there and the conditions were far better than those in Rio as these skippers took tin after 7 races that whittled the fleet down from an impressive 9 entries to 6 that could endure the tasty conditions. There was good wind and flat water. An overcast sky that seemed tempted to cut loose in a torrent never did and kept the stinkpotters at bay while providing ample shade for the hardworking crew on the fine racing machines. Afterwards, several crew members were overheard mumbling about exertion and fun, two words not often bound in the same concept.


Great Minnow Recap by Frank Kersting

The 2015 Great Minnow is ‘in the books.   There was excellent membership participation with 8 cruisers and 3 dinghies registering for the 2-day regatta.   On Saturday, the northerly winds were constant at 9 MPH which was excellent for racing but made holding the committee boat in position problematic.  Needless to say, it was an ‘eventful’ day of racing with 5 races started.  On Sunday, the winds were the ‘typical’ light and variable type but sufficient for 3 races.  The results were:

Cruiser                                                Dinghy

1.  R. Hatcher                                          D.Sturm

2.  K. Klarer                                             J. Brownfield

3.  L. Huddleston                                     B. Klarer

A large crowd for dinner participated in the festivities, as there was a membership meeting following an eventful day of racing. The sailors were tired but gladly shared ‘tall tales’ with those members joining the crews for dinner.

IMG_0471 IMG_0474 IMG_0475 IMG_0478 IMG_0482 IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0487 IMG_0491

Karl Millen – The Aftermath!

We met, we ate, and although there wasn’t a whole lot of wind, we improvised with a LeMans Style start .. The Dinghy’s went over to Peninisula and back to the dock and the Cruisers tried to make it around the island and back to the dock.. We had a Photo finish with Rob Hatcher snatching defeat from the jaws of victory ( Dr. Sunfish Barry Sanders) and a virtual tie via motor startupery for the Cruisers with Kevin Klarer edging out Lee Huddleston..   Thanks to all those brave souls who came out and competed…

LeMans Start to the Karl Millen

LeMans Start to the Karl Millen

Rob says if only my Sunfish had a bowsprit!

Rob says if only my Sunfish had a bowsprit!

2013 Yankee Doodle Regatta Results

Saturday was a beautiful day for racing and the results of the 2013 Yankee Doodle are in…

Congratulations to the following skippers:

1st- Kevin Klarer
2nd- Deborah Champion
3rd- Gary Reimer

1st- Bill Klarer
2nd- Barry Sanders
3rd- Dale Sturm

Thanks to Lee Huddleston and Frank Kersting for volunteering as the race committee.

This Saturday, Aug. 3rd, will be the make-up date for Blackbeard’s Cursed Infinity Regatta.  Hope to see you there!

The Karl Millen Regatta Results

A good time was had by all, we didn’t have a lot of wind, but we managed to finish 3 races. It was a very pretty day to be on the lake.

Cruisers: 1-Kevin Klarer, 2-Deborah Champion, 3-Greg Glass
Dinghies: 1-Dale Sturm, 2-Larry Caillouet, 3-Bill Klarer
Sunfish: 1-Barry Sanders, 2-Rob Hatcher, 3-Rob Wyatt

Scoring Link   POYC Race Results

Bob Millen was on hand and sailed his fathers Sunfish.