Knot of the Month for April – The Ocean Plait

Knot of the Month: The Ocean Plait

Use this knot to make placemats, hotpads and also for Welcome mats and other uses. Nautical uses for these were as padding (Thump mats) to protect the deck from damage from spars and other heavy objects. If you have an old main sheet or other long length of old rope this is a good way to use it up.

Here’s how to tie them:  Tying the Ocean Plait and another good article about them and some other mats for tying: Rope Door Mats

January Knot of the Month – Jeanneau Halyard Knot (Selden knot)

I’m going to start a “Knot of the Month” feature again this year, to kick it off here’s a knot that should be better known, but isn’t. This is much more secure than a bowline for this application, and holds extremely well with synthetic lines also.

This is a great knot for a halyard or a vang, it’s very compact and gets tighter when it is used. Simple and easy to tie. One caveat is once its tightened under a load, you will need to cut it off to remove it.

Here is the information on how to tie it…