The Commodore Speaks …

Ahoy Mates,

Welcome to the 2011 sailing season. I foresee fair winds, pleasant weather and a calendar of various activities, something for everyone.

This year I proclaim to be the year of the knot. There was a time when all good sailors worth their salt were proficient in knots and rope work and each knot, bend and hitch had a purpose. With the onset of wire rigging, the art of appropriate knotting diminished. Therefore, each month I will select a knot, bend or hitch (they are not the same) and challenge you to learn how tie it, the history of it and the correct purpose for it. Then you will have the opportunity to share what you know at the Friday night club meetings. The sailor demonstrating the most knowledge and proficiency will receive a prize. So here is your first challenge. In order to explain knotting, one must first know the terms.

Define: Working end-standing end-bight-loop-elbow

Knot for the March meeting is the midshipman’s hitch.

We are never too old to stop learning. Have fun with this and I will see you at the March meeting on the 11th.

Commodore Debbie Champion

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