To Infinity and Beyond !

The first POYC Infinity Regatta is in the books (yes there was an end to it). It turned out to be a great day for sailing and racing. Thanks to all of those who showed for the racing, dinner and camaraderie. Thanks to Kevin Klarer for the help on the committee boat and the Champions for the meal.
The results are as follows.
Cruisers: 1-Gary Reimer, 2-Dale Allison, 3-Keith Sparks
Dinghies: 1-Doug Bebensee, 2-Dale Sturm, 3-Rob Wyatt, 4-Allen Graf, 5-Connie PolkDetailed scoring can be found at:https://spreadsheets.googl​​0AmHJiBQcMXCRdE5IUl8xQkl1T​i1aVUQ1MVdpZWFrQUE&hl=en_U​S

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