August Meeting Highlights

The meeting started as always with a salute to past commodores by Commodore Debbie Champion.  Herb Siewert, Lee Huddleston, Gary Reimer, Doug Roberts, the Kerstings and Barry Sanders were  all saluted.

The Glow Regatta and The Karl Millen Regattas were discussed, as was the upcoming Raingutter Regatta. The Raingutter Regatta is a cub scout event to be held at the Club on Saturday August 27th from 2-4pm for about 40 children who will sail model boats down a raingutter.

A new Regatta was proposed by Kevin Klarer and his brother Bill who became a new/old member this month. This Regatta will be held after the Great Minnow on Saturday October 15th. The Regatta will be called the “Rita Regatta” after Kevin and Bill’s mother. This will be a one day Regatta and is open to all. The Klarer boys have been racing a long time and this should be a welcome addition to the schedule.

Yardmaster Gary Reimer stated that the docks are once again attached to the dock arms. Gary also stated that he was told by the Corp. that they would hold water through October.

Commodore Champion stated that all should dock with the Bow facing in and that a large Fender buoy should be used attached to the dock to prevent damage to the dock. Forward breast lines can be used to hold the boat steady to the dock.

Purser Barry Sanders reports that the bills have been paid and that we are putting money aside to pay the upcoming $2000 insurance bill. Barry is looking for alternatives to our present insurance which has gone up by 20% despite us not filing any claims, if you know of anyone in the commercial insurance business please funnel this information to Barry.

We plan to have an executive board meeting to discuss finance in September.

Lee and Herb once again stated that the present pavilion is rustic and good and another pavilion is not needed and would result in vandalism etc.  We are seeking opinions on this issue, if you have one please contact one of the club officers. As the scribe, I would like to float an on-line survey of the members to see what the majority thinks about this.

The Knot of the month was the soft shackle, no one brought one of these to the meeting.

Lee Huddleston ties a Rolling Hitch

Lee Huddleston gave an excellent lesson on the uses of the rolling hitch and a good demonstration on the various ways to tie it.

We would also like to welcome Steve Mansfield

Steve Mansfield

to the club, if you see Steve around, please say hello, he’s the one sailing the Venture 21.

The Meeting was adjourned around 7:30pm.

Gary Guss – Scribe

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