Minutes for September 2011

The meeting opened at about 6:30pm with a salute to former Commodores: Lee, Gary, Herb, Barry, Doug, Carol and Frank..

Purser Sanders thanked the club for allowing Cub Scout Pack 610 to hold their Raingutter Regatta at the club, almost 40 scouts attended.

The Orec and Dixie Cup Regatta was discussed, Barry Sanders will be making his famous wings as usual. Thanks to all who attended and those that brought boats.

The Trashmaster’s cleanup was held on Saturday September 17th. Gary Reimer wishes to thank all involved who turned out. This is always beneficial to cement our relationship to the Corps.

The last regatta will be the Great Minnow which will take place on October 1st. We will forego the Rita Regatta this year; maybe we can have it next year.

Purser Sanders reports that he has signed the insurance check for this year and also that the Corp fee will be $1500. Barry also mentioned that POYC members can get a discount on BoatUs products but you need to sign up. See Barry for more information.

We are dismayed to report more vandalism at the club, someone released Alan Cannon’s boat from the dock and it was later recovered in the cove, also Matt Reimer’s trailer tires were slashed and last month our donated cement countertops were smashed. We will be placing some cameras on the club grounds and dock to see if we can catch these people in the act. If you see people that you don’t know or acting suspiciously please challenge them, or call the sheriff.

Purser Sanders mentioned that our sister club the Commonwealth Yacht Club at Green Turtle Bay will be having Regatta’s and events the week of September 24th. Please visit http://cycgtb.com/page/regatta-home for details.

Purser Sanders also mentioned that once again it is Cub Scout popcorn time, please contact Barry and support the scouts.

The Scribe will be putting out an On-line survey to give the Officers feedback on your thoughts about rebuilding the Pavilion and a few other topics. Please take a few moments and fill this out on-line. This won’t take more than a few minutes and will give everyone a chance to anonymously respond.

Yardmaster Reimer remarked that we have 10 boats on the dock, please be courteous and share he dock spaces, if you aren’t actively sailing them please take them out so others have a chance to park there.

Commodore Champion and Vice Commodore Cannon need someone to help plan the Xmas party, this year we want to allow people to order off of the menu to keep costs down. We need ideas on where we can have the party and need someone to plan and contact restaurants where we can get the use of a room, preferably for free. If you can be on this Committee, please contact Alan Cannon or Debbie Champion.

Our next meeting will be Friday October 14th, this will be a Chili cook-off, bring your best efforts to the meeting. The Knot of the Month will be the best variation of the Bowline which all sailors should know.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm.

Gary Guss – Scribe

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