POYC October Meeting Highlights – October 14th

The meeting opened with a salute to past Commodores: Lee, Frank,Gary R., Bill, Herb, and Doug.

We decided to hold the November meeting at the lake with a bonfire if necessary to keep us warm.

The club Christmas party will be held on December 3rd at the Bistro restaurant  (1129 College Street Bowling Green, KY 42101-2618 (270) 781-9646) http://www.thebistrobg.com/menu.html, we will order off the menu which should help keep the cost down. More details on this to follow as it develops.

We decided to field a float for the Bowling Green Christmas parade also December 3rd at 9:30 am. Herb Siewert will once gain let us use his Model A to pull a sunfish on its trailer. There will be a sign-up sheet to help on this at the Club.

October 29th will be the Fall cleanup at the club, this will be from 8-12noon. Yardmaster Reimer is making a list (just like Santa). Remember many hands make light work. Free Wheelbarrow rides!

Ronny is Ready to Go !

We discussed the recent survey conducted regarding rebuilding the Pavilion, about 70% of the 37 respondents , would rather fix what is already there. Many people preferred using dues for Capital improvements and if needed would rather bring their own drinks rather than going cheap on Trophies and Flags at regattas. Many folks left mostly contructive comments on amenities they would like to see at the club.. Curiously no one reported the need for swim up dock waitresses.

The highlight of the evening was a Chili Cookoff and we had 8 kinds of Chili to sample, the event was dominated by Greg Glass and his Corona classic chili. Greg took home a classic trophy to mark his win.

Greg Glass - Chili King

Thanks to all who brought chili to this event and to those who brought hot sauce and dessert.

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