2011 November Meeting Recap


This months meeting was held at Gander Mountain in Bowling Green on 11-11-11 at 7pm

Attending were Devin Mitchell, Frank and Carol Kersting, Barry Sanders, Greg Glass, Herb Siewert, Gary Guss, Alan Cannon, Lee Huddleston and Gary Reimer.

Vice Commodore – Alan Cannon led the meeting in the absence of Commodore Champion who was called away on personal business. As always, we began the meeting with a salute to past commodores, Howdy y’all !

First order of business was thanking Gary Reimer and all who attended and helped out at the fall work party, a lot of work was done, the heads painted, the shed re-organized, the sails refolded, both yards cleared, ramps swept and cleared and all organized for winter.

Next up : The Christmas parade, we will use one of the sunfish as a float this year and Herb has graciously offered to pull it using his Model A Ford. The parade will be held on December 3rd, the float will be decorated at Herb’s house on December 2nd at 6pm. Please help decorate the float, also we need some people to help out with handing out candy on December 3rd starting at about 7:00 am.

Herb Siewert is having a Superbowl party at his house on Superbowl Sunday, bring snacks ! More on this later.

Yardmaster Reimer reports that the cameras are up and operational at the club, the water is down and the gate is locked.

Lee Huddleston wants to get rid of his old Suburban, contact Lee if you have an interest.

Purser Sanders reports we have paid Property Tax, Insurance and US Sailing, we are up to date on bills and we have about $3000 in Checking and $1500 in savings.

The Christmas Party will be held at the Bistro in Bowling Green on December 3rd at 6:00pm. The Club is buying Appetizers, there will be a cash bar and we will have a choice of 5 menu items at about $18/ person. Please RSVP to Deborah Champion, so we can get a headcount.

Our Slate of Officers for 2012 is as follows:

Commodore : Deborah Champion

Vice Commodore: Max Vinson

Purser: Alan Cannon

Race Chair: Doug Roberts

Yardmaster: Bill Miller

Scribe: Gary Guss

Social Chair: Rob Hatcher

Noted: Herb Siewert mentioned that he was opposed to people serving more than one consecutive term as commodore to give others a chance to serve and increase diversity. We agreed in principle however there is a shortage of people willing to take these offices. The slate was voted on and passed by the board.

Finally Lee Huddleston thanked Gary Reimer for his work with the Trashmaster’s and mentioned that this was a great help to the club in dealing with the Corp of Engineers. Thanks Gary for a job well done as the Yardmaster also these past years.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.

Gary Guss – Scribe

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