Spring Work Party and Club Meeting Canceled due to Virus

Canceled until a later date

Per the Commodore:

I think it is in our best interest to postpone the work party until a better date and time can be determined. I would like to encourage members to go up on their own and work on clean up around the club if they want. But we will be scheduling a work party when conditions are better.


Officers February Meeting Notes

We met on Saturday February 22nd at Gary Reimer’s Crows Nest.

  • The board is looking at upgrading our Gate system to an electric system with automatic locks, this is in the early stages, but will likely happen this year.
  • We are discussing what to do with the abandoned boats in the upper yard, we would like to clean this out as much as we can. Possible to cut these up and dispose of them – Maybe use Facebook Marketplace etc.
  • We had a lot of discussion regarding the high lake levels and how to make it easier to launch under these conditions, we will purchase three 10 foot dock sections and moor them with one end on shore and the other anchored to form a courtesy dock for launching, as water goes down this can be moved to provide a gangway to the docks ( instead of using the canoe or other makeshift device). Troy moved to purchase and Gary Guss seconded. This was approved.
  • We will try to have our monthly meetings on Saturdays to coincide with the Regatta schedule. This is more efficient than the separate Friday meetings.
  • We are looking into a boat lift system, although this is still in the early stages. If you have ideas on this forward them to the officers or bring up in a meeting
  • Exploring catering for the Christmas party for the main dish at least.
  • Planned out calendar for the year – You can view this under 2020 Calendar at the top of our webpage or direct link at  https://portoliveryachtclub.com/calendar-of-events/.

That pretty much covers our discussion. Again, we are always seeking input, if you have an idea please bring it up with the officers or at a meeting. We are always looking for volunteers to cook, run races, help with operating the club etc. It’s your club! Let’s make 2020 a great year and fair winds for all.

Gary Guss – Scribe



2020 Dues are Due in January

We will not be mailing out notices this year. We will send out email reminders.

Dues for 2020 will be due during the month of January, dues paid after February 1st will have a $5 late fee attached for each month they are in arrears. This will allow us to have funds for the early part of the season, which is when we incur more expense.

Dues are $300/ year for Members with boats in the yard (additional boats are $50 each) Associates dues are $175/ year (no boat in yard). Seniors 65 or older get a 20% Discount on dues.

Here is a Link to the form, please download, print and send it in with your dues ..

POYC Membership Application

Please make checks payable to Port Oliver Yacht Club and mail them to PO Box 1472 Bowling Green, KY 42102.

Thanks for your attention.

POYC Christmas Party Dec. 7th

This year the party will be held on Saturday December 7th from 6-10pm at Christ Episcopal Church on State Street in Bowling Green. The fee will be $10 member. This year the club will provide Beer and Wine and we would like the members to bring a potluck dish (heavy hors d’oeuvres) If each couple /or member could prepare enough to serve 10 people, we should have sufficient food for all. Please RSVP on our Facebook page or contact Margaret Coverdale Webb to let us know what you are bringing. Lets try for variety, so we don’t all bring the same items.

Trashmasters / Infinity Regatta Recap!

Trashmasters Volunteers on the Committee Boat

Thanks Kevin and Joe for coming down this year and helping out! We took out 20 volunteers and collected about 22 bags of garbage several tires and a refrigerator.

Joe Brownfield on Mason’s Island hunting for junk.

Then we held the Infinity race in the afternoon and had 8 boats turn out.

Wind was good initially and died out during the 3rd race…

Cruiser 1st Klarer 2nd Monroe 3rd Kersting
Dinghy 1st Sturm 2nd Hatcher 3rd Brownfield

Thanks Lee and Amy for running the race!

The Great Minnow is the next race in October.

By Rob Hatcher