May Meeting Highlights

Call to order and announce that Commodore Champion is in Florida ( The Scribe sez probably captured by Barren River lake pirates or something)
Recognize past Commodores:
Doug Roberts, Ronny Hendricks, Gary Reimer,
Barry Sanders, Herb Siewert and Lee Huddleston
Thanks to Faye Stinnet for cooking (marinated chicken with marinated peppers and onions with pasta) this month and Ronny for the country ham last month. Tim Hayes is signed up for June, We need volunteers for July, August and September. Please contact Alan Cannon or sign up on the sheet at the club.
Committee Reports:
Purser: Barry Sanders – the usual, bills are paid with money in the bank. Barry also mentioned that we have swapped Burgees with Boat US and one of our Burgees is hanging in their headquarters.
Race Committee: Doug Roberts – discussion of keeping the existing race schedule met with some resistance with the high water, but there were no changes except the Huddleston will be one day this year.
Yardmaster: Gary Reimer is looking at modifying swing arms for the ability to use dock and avoid moving it during high water, may schedule a work party during high water to paint the head, Please stay off  of the dock until water is below the swing arms.
Scribe: Gary Guss: SLACKER – no report – some fishy excuse about daughters graduate school graduation.

Our big project for the year will be to replace the pavilion structure this winter, plans and drawings to come later. Met with significant discussion (opposition) some question the need for the replacement and are concerned about losing the rustic nature of the pavilion. Herb mentioned that some of our members have joined simply because of the rustic nature of the pavilion?????????

Artistic rendering of "New" Old Pavilion

A mention that the beer and drinks in the shed are primarily for club functions but are available to the membership at other times if you are in need of a cold drink. We ask that you donate drinks to replace what you drink.

Considering a voluntary “slip fee” for overnight dockage to offset increased operating costs, corps fees, and dock modifications to accommodate high water. Ask for suggestions for an appropriate daily rate. Another unpopular topic. It was mentioned that most of the people that use the dock are the people that show up at work parties and run sailing schools etc. There was mention that we should consider a dues structure that was higher where you could “work off” some of the dues by participating in work parties if we need to raise additional money. I explained that it was more equitable for those that use the dock to help pay for it and keep it maintained and that it was considered as a voluntary action.

Have a vote for the best “Monkeys Fist” and award the prize. Max won the prize (a bunch of bananas) New knot for the month of June is the bowline, which is the knot I use most other than a cleat hitch. Makes a good secure loop at the end of a line and is easy to untie  if it is not under a load.

Upcoming events:
5/21 9:30-11:30 Sailing class and at noon need boats to sail – Racing Rules by Rob Wyatt -Members Refresher
5/28 Huddleston Cup (one Day)
6/10 Next Monthly meeting
6/11 Jolly Roger long distance race
6/18 Summer Sailstice – raft up or movie night

Lee Huddleston mentioned that he had offered his vehicle to the executive board and had offered some suggestions to avoid the liability concerns. If the club does not want to accept his donation, he indicated that he would sell the vehicle and wondered if a consortium of members would like to jointly purchase it.

The Kafers mentioned that they were staying in the Coconut Grove Yacht Club in Key Biscayne and that POYC did not have reciprocal privileges with them. There was discussion as to whether we could accomplish a wider network of reciprocal privileges with other yacht clubs.

Any more business……….motion to adjourn

Alan Cannon – Vice Commodore

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