Racing Rules Class – May 21st Saturday

Introduction to Racing Rules Class – Saturday 5/21
Understanding the rules of Sailboat Racing will increase your enjoyment of the sport. The most basic rules of Sailboat Racing are similar to the boating “rules of the road” that govern navigation and how boats interact when meeting each other. Understanding these right of way rules will greatly reduce the risk that you might injure yourself or damage your boat while participating in a race as well as improve your general sailing knowledge.

Four main right of way rules: [Part 2, Section A]
1. Boats on a port tack shall give way to boats on starboard tack (Rule 10).
2. When boats are on the same tack and overlapped, the boat to windward (the boat closest to the wind) shall keep clear of a leeward boat (Rule 11).
3. When boats are on the same tack and not overlapped, the boat that is astern shall keep clear of the boat ahead. (Rule 12).
4. When a boat is tacking (changing tack) it shall keep clear of boats that are not tacking Rule 13
Four rules with general limitations: [Part 2, Section B]
1. Even if you have right-of-way, it is your duty to avoid a collision, once it becomes apparent that the other boat is not giving way (Rule 14).
2. If you acquire right of way, you must initially give the other boat room to keep clear, unless you get right of way because of the other boat’s actions. [Rule 15]
3. A boat that changes course, even if it has the right-of-way, shall do so in a manner that gives the burdened boat a chance to “keep clear” and give way (Rule 16).
4. If you catch up with another boat and you want to pass it to leeward, you may not sail above you proper course i.e. you shall not luff higher than you would have done if that boat wasn’t there [Rule 17]

Rob will again conduct an introduction to racing rules class on Saturday, May 21st. This was a great session last year and really helped many of those new to racing sailboats get a basic understanding of the rules. It is also a good refresher for those of who have raced before, but have a question about the rules. Come on out to the club on Saturday morning (10 AM).

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