POYC goes to the Palms – by Larry Caillouet

POYC at Culebrita

After flying the POYC burgee through 900 miles and 13 islands in April-May, Diana and I settled on a more limited goal for this trip: just go to some quiet and pretty places in the Virgin Islands. For me that usually means places with sandy beaches, palm trees, and not a lot of people. The two photos were taken at the exact kinds of places I was looking for. The first one is the bay on the north side of Culebrita in the Spanish Virgin Islands off of Puerto Rico. This island is a turtle sanctuary and is uninhabited, except by turtles, birds, fish, and an occasional sailor. The second photo is Sandy Cay in the British Virgin islands.

POYC at Sandy Cay

It is also uninhabited and is a nature preserve. A walk through the trail that circles through the island brings you into close contact with lizards, red crabs, hermit crabs, and all kinds of birds. It can get busy with boaters during the day, but if you slip in late in the day and leave early in the morning, you can have the island to yourself.

Larry Caillouet

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