July 2011 Meeting Minutes 7-8-2011

Commodore Champion opened the meeting with a salute to past commodores: Bill Miller, Gary Reimer, Ronnie Hendricks, Herb Siewert, and Lee Huddleston were in attendance.

Hardmaster Report: Hardmaster Reimer reported that the dock is still tied to the trees at 9.5 feet over Summer pool. He is looking to get an engineer to determine how to extend the arms on the dock. Expect the lake to be at summer pool by month end.

Treasurers Report: Not available Barry Sanders is at Kenlake with the Boy Scouts. Discussion that we need to get a proper accounting of finances to determine future plans. We need a formal report. Also mentioned that those over 62 years old are supposed to have their dues frozen and they want to know who is eligible and at what rate their dues are to be frozen.

Commodore Champion asked if any mates plan to crew in the Bluegrass games at Kentucky Lake and posted a sign up sheet on the board.

Commodore also mentioned that the Yankee Doodle was hot and had not much wind but the dinner was well attended and the pig was devoured.

Next Race is the Infinity Race on July 16th. This new regatta is around the islands and Racing chair Doug Roberts needs help on the Committee boat. Herb Siewert mentioned the need for the Committee boat to fly the American Flag.

Bill Miller presented a pavilion report. Construction costs are rising and are around $4388 for a 30×30 pavilion with a gabeled truss metal roof and 6×6 posts. To have a cedar gabeled end will increase to $4750. This will need to be pre-paid. Max Vinson has offered to supervise construction, as he has a background in this. Lots of discussion back and forth, as to the need for a new pavilion, type of roof structure for sail storage etc.  This project would need to begin in November with the teardown by POYC members of the old pavilion. We are still looking for input from the members on this project, if you have ideas or plans let the officers know.

More discussion but no conclusion on Lee Huddleston’s Suburban donation as a put in take out vehicle. Max Vinson offered to help people put their boats in and said he has the assorted sized balls to do this.

Max showed several people how to make a Turks head knot and this was very informative.

Next Months knot will be a Soft Shackle splice. I’ll try to find something on this and post on Tell Tale on line.

We need cooks for the next two months, please contact Alan Cannon if you can help.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Gary Guss – Scribe

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